Can You Develop Your Intuitive Abilities Naturally?

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If you develop your intuitive abilities, you can truly tune into those around you, including those you can’t see, and whatever energies surround you. These energies can deliver messages to you if you just open your mind to them. It really involves opening yourself up. 

This is not hard to do if you let go of judgments, and other obstacles that keep your mind and heart from truly feeling these energies. Often you can feel what is going on in people’s lives, and what could be headed their way. You can even tune into the earth, and start to feel weather changes, or even predict natural disasters. 

Naturally Develop Your Intuitive Abilities

I am getting ahead of myself with that though. Start slow. Start with the person in front of you or the people closest to you. Open yourself up, and just feel, and allow your mind to receive what these energies (or they could be entities depending on your belief systems, I use the term energies because it is a broader term, and covers entities). 

Sometimes though, when you receive these messages you may get them jumbled. When this happens feel free to use tools to help you. These can be tarot cards, scrying, or runes (or various other divination tools available). If you choose to use tools I suggest using them only when necessary, unless tools are your niche. Use the tools that you feel the most comfortable with as everyone is different. 

When you do develop your intuitive abilities it is best to use them in moderation since I feel that relying on them too much can keep you from opening up. But the more you rely on your intuition the stronger this ability becomes. It's a bit of a catch 22.

Eventually you can reach a point where touching objects or people can give you a huge amount of information. You can even pick up on things from far away, and very long distances. This kind of opening up can even help you get in touch with the paranormal. Messages can involve things from the past, present, or future. Some people get messages from all three, while others seem to get only one of the three, but either way it is beneficial to you regardless. It is possible to improve this gift to eventually receive all three though you just have to keep looking at the messages and pushing until you get what you are looking for. Make sure that you are picking up messages though, and not something coming from a preconceived notion as this can be toxic to your gift. 

Can You Naturally Develop Your Intuitive Abilities?

Everyone is different though. In my opinion you can develop your intuitive abilities like any other talent. Some people have a natural ability to sing well, while others have to have vocal coaches, and other methods to improve their abilities, but anyone with a voice box can sing. Some can play instruments as well as famous rock stars, and have never had a class, but others have to practice, and have expensive classes for years. Well with some people psychic abilities come natural, and they pick it up quickly without much practice, but for others it may take longer to develop your intuitive abilities, but anyone can do it if they just open themselves up.

Meditation, and mind clearing are essential in improving and developing your psychic intuitive abilities. I personally feel that you have to use a meditation technique that works for you. There are a lot of methods out there, and they are all good. Just choose the one that works best for you. 

Author - Stephanie Theresa

Stephanie Theresa, who works with Spirit and Angelic Energies, has over thirty years experience working as a psychic in group settings and with individuals on a one to one basis. She has worked in England, Europe, America and the Middle East, and now extends her reach by working online through the Kasamba network.

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Learning about intuition in theory only takes you so far. To actually understand it well you have to experience it. This makes it true for you and strengthens your understanding. What you want is consistent, reliable intuition on demand.

Here are some Golden Rules so you don’t get stuck at the beginning of developing your intuition: 

  1. Don’t give up before you try. Give yourself a chance to build your skill.
  2. Don’t look for or expect a particular answer you want your intuition to tell you.
  3. Do not try to deduce or figure out what your first intuition pieces mean.
  4. You get what you get and you don’t get upset. 
  5. Learn a good intuition technique then keep practicing it!

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