The Crystal Companions Of A Vibrational First Aid Medicine Cabinet

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It’s Monday morning and you rise out of bed possibly feeling tired and not knowing how you are going to get through your workload today let alone the whole week! Let me introduce you to carnelian, a wonderful orange crystal. 

The energy of carnelian is very motivating with a lovely safe holding feel to it. If you place a small tumbled polished piece in your pocket or around your neck (some ladies place it in their bra) for the week, you will achieve what you have set out to do and more! You will reach the end of the week with a real sense of achievement feeling energized and positive. Carnelian really can help and it is such a simple thing to do. 

A Collection of First Aid Crystal Companions

This pocket size book is designed to develop an interest in crystals and how they can be used in daily life. It is a great book for beginners or people, who would like some simple tips and instructions on how crystals can alleviate stress, worry and fear and also help to improve motivation, self belief and confidence. I give practical knowledge and guide you through using crystals in everyday situations, just like the example above.

My book also describes how crystals work when worn or placed on your body, how to cleanse and charge your crystal companions, and how to attune yourself with a crystal and where to place crystals in your home and workplace (achieving a balanced and positive environment). 

After many years of personal study, I’ve compiled a list of first aid crystals. These crystals are like a vibrational medicine cabinet, helping not only physically but on emotional, mental and spiritual levels too. The book contains fifteen color photographs of crystals that are easily obtainable and simple to use. Not only can these crystals support you in times of need, they also can help you to reach a higher level of self awareness. 

My book is short and easy to understand so even if you are a complete beginner you won’t become bogged down and confused. It’s a very practical book, full of tips to try out on your friends and family. This lovely little book can be worked through at your own pace, bringing you positive shifts and a more positive attitude. 

Comments About Crystal Companions

So Practical - by: Anonymous
What a great practical little book! I didn't realize how easy it was to attune with the energy of a crystal. Just by wearing Citrine as a necklace, I feel positive and focused and ready to move forward on my journey towards enlightenment. It was really easy to understand and actually inspires you to help yourself. Crystal Companions is a great book that I will continue to work with. Well done.

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Guest Post - by Nicki Parkin-Jones

Nicki Parkin-Jones is a fully qualified, experienced crystal therapist.

Nicki Parkin-Jones, a fully qualified, experienced crystal therapist, combines the vibrations of crystals with reiki, colour & meditation to bring balance to the whole person. Providing easy to understand learnings and tips on how crystals can help us in everyday life. Also Nicki is a shamanic practitioner and felt artist, producing handmade felted throws, wall hangings, cushions, fire shawls and crystal meditation mats.

Nicki lives in Cornwall UK - Contact:

Book: The Crystal Companion: A Collection of First Aid Crystals

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