Aura Colors And Their Meanings: The Chart With Both Aspects Included

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Would you like to understand aura colors and their meanings? Your aura is comprised of seven electromagnetic, entwined rings revealing a full spectrum of colors in light rings around you. And each hue seen by a psychic is subject to interpretation.

You can use the chart below to know about your aura colors and their meanings. Psychics, who notice auras, learn to ‘think color’. Those who are highly skilled in aura reading translate information regarding the person’s mental, emotional and physical health, as well as their level of spiritual development. 

How do you see people's auras?

If you’d like to give aura reading a go, find a volunteer and have them stand with their back against a white background. To accurately diagnose an aura, the person should be nude, or you will pick up vibrations from their clothing. However, casual nudity is usually rather inappropriate.

Relax and remove your glasses if you wear them. Soften your eyes and gaze at the center of your person’s forehead. In a couple of minutes, the auric colors will be visible. 

Beginners may not see colors. A yellowish or whitish glow shaped like a halo may be visible. When colors first become evident, they are generally seen with the inner-eye or sensed. With practice, aura colors may be observed with the physical eyes.

If you can’t see the colored rings of light after about 10 minutes of observing, just try again another day. 

How do you read people's auras?

The aura is interpreted through its colored rings of light energy. The first ring discloses the client’s state of health, the second relates to emotions and the third conveys intellectual capacity. The fourth ring signifies higher mind, such as intuition and imagination. The spiritual link between the person and the universe is revealed in the fifth ring. But the chances of your psychic seeing the remaining two auric fields, which relate to states of cosmic consciousness, range from slim to none. The sixth ring is ‘earned’ when our consciousness level evolves to the state of spiritual ecstasy. The seventh auric level is attained when we can transcend our physical limitations and connect with higher energies. Its color is a blend of gold and silver light.

Colors are usually an absolute, but they are subjective in aura reading. Because the aura continuously pulsates and fluctuates with moods, two people observing the same person’s aura may read different colors. Frequently, one or two colors remain predominant.

What Are My Aura Colors And Their Meanings?

Aura Color Meaning Chart

What does it mean to have a red aura?

Red Aura Meanings:

  • Positive - courage, strength, energy, creative
  • Negative – irritable, fiery-temper, destructiveness

What does an orange aura represent?

Orange Aura Meanings

  • Positive – vitality, joy, loves life
  • Orange: Negative – irritable, lazy, self-indulgent

Why is my aura yellow?

Yellow Aura Meanings:

  • Positive – wisdom, spiritual, peaceful
  • Negative – fearful, lazy, careless

Why is my aura green?

Green Aura Meanings:

  • Positive – loving, ingenuity, practical
  • Negative – envious, materialistic, selfish

What does it mean when your aura is blue?

Blue Aura Meanings:

  • Positive – artistic, spiritual seeker, imaginative
  • Negative – moody, critical, snobbish

What does it mean to have a purple aura?

Purple Aura Meanings:

  • Positive – inspirational speaker, teacher, artist
  • Negative – prejudiced, liar, disloyal

What does it mean to have a violet aura?

Violet Aura Meanings:

  • Positive: true greatness, high spiritual nature, mystic
  • Negative: selfish, cunning, spiteful

What are the silver, gold, and black aura colors and their meanings?

  • Silver: highly developed psychically
  • Gold: pure knowing and intuition
  • Black: Rarely seen – depression, illness, death, negativity

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