Developing Clairvoyance
How To Use Your Visual Intuition

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Are you interested in developing clairvoyance? Would it shock you to find out you have this extra sensory power? Like most people, you likely thought only psychics were clairvoyant. But, with just a little effort you can develop your own capacity of visual intuition.

It will take practice, as you must retrain your deeper mind to do something it has done before but has forgotten. Think a room with the lights blazing. When you leave the room, you flip the lights off. The lights aren’t gone. They reappear when you flip them on again.

Like lights, your clairvoyance isn’t gone. It’s just been in the off position. Do you remember using your clairvoyant abilities when you were a child? Chances are, you did. Your parents may have admonished you to ‘quit making up stories’ or something similar. Also, you may have flipped the off switch because of fear.

Giving yourself permission to let go of fear is a good starting point toward developing clairvoyance.

Developing Clairvoyance | Your Your Visual Intuition

Here is a working definition of clairvoyance: The word itself means clear seeing. The action of clairvoyance is being aware of external events or facts, without having the awareness transmitted to you by the five senses. This awareness includes past, present and future events.

The key to development of your clairvoyance is knowing you want to enhance your awareness of external facts and events. By affirming the development of your divine clairvoyant powers, you will grow spiritually and receive leadings to help others.

For example, suppose you’re seeking guidance for a business problem. Just be still and sit with the challenge. Let this thought drift slowly through your mind: "Divine clairvoyance is now showing me past and present truth concerning this situation".

Start Developing Clairvoyance

Let your mind absorb the idea that divine clairvoyance is revealing truth about the situation. Enlightening truth will begin to come in colors, symbols or mind pictures

If not this time, the next or the next. It takes time and dedicated practice to develop deeper powers of the mind.

You may jumpstart your clairvoyant awareness by opening your ‘third eye’. It is located in your forehead, between and a little above your eyebrows. Also called the brow chakra, it is the sixth chakra; clairvoyance is the sixth sense.

Close your eyes and put your attention on the third eye area. Try to see an oval-shaped image. Does the ‘eye’ appear to be open or closed? If it isn’t fully open, ask it to open. Again, it takes practice, but the rewards are worth it.

Of course, you will use your clairvoyant ability when you get in a pickle and need urgent help. You can also use it to find lost articles for yourself and others. Have a little fun with your newly developing clairvoyance. Ask it where to find the best cheesecake or what to buy for an uncle who has everything.

Tools for Developing Clairvoyance

Personally, I developed my own clairvoyant capability by honing my brain wave frequency to the alpha level (I call it Psychic Resonance). I'd recommend starting with the Silva Method for this:

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