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Doomsday Predictions

The Psychic's Glimpse - by Richi Who

Doomsday predictions spring up left right and centre! What is upon us is change! As for Armageddon it looks like the flat earth-ists were at it again leading up to 2012.

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Let me preface this article about doomsday predictions by stating for the record that I am a retired professional clairvoyant/psychic - amongst other things - following a long career in electronics and engineering. I also consider that I have a sound grounding in physics. Now I have no problem with predictions of the future - in fact I have my own - and I reckon that so far I have an accuracy of about 85% or better. 

I am having no problems with predictions and readings well into the foreseeable future, and nor are any other genuine psychics I know of. What I do have a problem with is those who search for "predictions of disasters" as hidden meanings in this or that, as secret codes available only for the insiders, (meaning themselves).

A sceptic I am not, but cynical I am!

Everything from Nostradamus to the Bible have been prophesying catastrophes, cataclysmic events, doomsday predictions, and destruction on a global scale. Next someone will discover that Shakespeare was secretly predicting the end of days!

doomsday predictions

All possible disasters which could occur to the planet have happened before - many times over. The only possible global catastrophe is a very, very large rock getting in the way of earth’s orbit.

Forget about the Sun's magnetic poles shifting, (they do it all the time). Forget about cosmic alignments, (they have happened hundreds of times before). It appears that Monty Python's Flying Circus is alive and well, living in cyberspace.

The latest crop of doom and gloom were the 2012 doomsday predictions. A search of the internet turns up an amazing number of people were promoting the year 2012 to be the end of civilisation as we know it, if not the end of the earth, thus the 2012 doomsday scenario. This was a classic case of the (psychically) blind leading the blind, or as a journalist would put it, a beatup! 

All because the Mayan calendar only reached forward to the year 2012! This is simply because the Long count cycle of the Mayan calendar started with zero in what corresponds to the eleventh of August 3114 BC. Admittedly there is some argument as to the exact date depending on archaeological translations etc.

Now if we work through the long count it takes approximately 5126 of our years to complete a cycle.

Thus by adding it all together (with adjustments for anomalies in both the Mayan and Gregorian calendars), we arrive at an end date of December 21, 2012. (Or there-abouts).

The Mayans believed that everything was cyclic so to give them great credit, to extrapolate forward 5126 years from their creation myth, far into the future from their civilization, is quite a heroic effort. If the Mayan civilisation were still in existence, I have no doubt that their current calendar would be charting the next 5126 years. Just because their calendar ended, (let’s face it, it extended far into their future as it was), there is nothing to indicate any effects on our civilisation whatsoever.

How some people manage to dream up the most extreme possibilities for the end of civilization as 2012 doomsday scenario is a reflection on our civilisations sensation mongering - ie. selling newspapers, magazines etc.

If there is any warning to be taken from all of this, it is to be aware that what you fear plays into the negative side of the Law of Attraction.

All these doomsday predictions, scare mongering, spreading fear and apprehension are counterproductive, remember, it only takes a very small percentage of the population to be positive or spiritually aware in order to shift the overall outcome of events.

Previous Failed Doomsday Predictions.

Jehovah's Witnesses have predicted the end several times, but have now stopped naming years.

Millerites predicted end of world for 22 October 1844 - day known to followers as Great Disappointment.

Edgar C Whisenant wrote 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Could Be in 1988 - followed up with predictions for 1989, 1993, and 1994.

Argentinian goalie Carlos Roa gave up football in anticipation of end of world in 2000.

Hal Lindsey in 1970's The Late, Great Planet Earth linked end of world to the EU.

Religious and Secular "End of world" concepts include:

  • Destruction of planet.
  • Extinction of human race.
  • Significant change in situation of human race.

Secular scenarios include:

  • Catastrophic climate change.
  • Asteroid or comet strike.
  • Massive nuclear war.
  • De-stabilization of earth or moon orbit.
  •  De-stabilisation of the Earths Magnetic Field.
  • And most recently the flood of 2012 Doomsday Predictions.

Religious scenarios include:

  • Islam refers to "last judgment".
  • Some Buddhists believe in disappearance of Buddha's teachings.
  • Christian end of world linked to second coming of Jesus
  • Hindus believe in cycle of ages.
  • Zoroastrians may have had first codified end of world theory.


Now, to institutions such as Governments and their banking business, change is something to be feared. Change is loss of control, change is loss of predictability, change is loss of power. Thus change means loss of confidence, which equals fear. A great many or our institutions exist only because we have confidence in them. We are looking at the failure of large institutions and the rise of empowerment of the individual. Big is out, small and sustainable is in. What is upon us is change.

Just look at where we are at. Our (western) society is geared toward expanding every year in order to thrive! When is does not, governments and banks create artificial expansion to cover up. We could lump banks and governments together under the term institutions. In fact, it is these institutions (banks) which are in control of our economies! They see enormous profits to be made in lending to each other to make up an ever increasing shortfall.

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