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My metaphysical journey began with the death of my first child.  I had barely gotten to know her when  she expired at 17 days of age of a congenital heart defect.  Having been brought up in a fundamentalist Christian church, I had always tried to be “good” and respect others and live right.  

So how could a just God punish me so severely?  What had I done to have to sacrifice my first-born child? I questioned my faith and even went so far as to curse God.  This is when I began attending a local metaphysical chapel where I learned the principles of manifestation and metaphysics and the law that we create our own reality.  I learned Reiki and practiced healings on others during morning services.  Eventually I stopped attending services at the chapel but still maintained and practiced the lessons I learned there.

Interview With Psychic S. Dorothy SmithInterview With Psychic S. Dorothy Smith

Even though life continued to be “hard,” I always made it out on the other side of strife by maintaining my faith in the ultimate goodness of the universe to protect me. In 2010, I suffered an aortic aneurysm, which only 2% of the population survives, due to the luck of having a wonderful cardiologist on call at the time I arrived at the hospital, and he literally saved my life. Then in 2016, I ended up in intensive care in a propofol-induced coma for a few days, when doctors had no way of knowing whether I would make it out of the coma alive or whether if I did survive, whether I would have any brain damage. Not only did I survive, but I suffered no injuries.  I just “woke up” and carried on.

During the past year I suffered a personal loss and ended up alone in a strange city to navigate adversity after adversity over a period of about six months. It was during this period that a grace was bestowed on me and I learned to solve problems due to a small, subtle voice that would whisper directions or give me insight. This small voice always proved to be correct and so naturally I came to rely on it.

I believe that the totality of my experiences has given me the wisdom to counsel and help heal others who are also on the path to wholeness.  It is my belief that we are all interconnected in this thing called life, and I believe I was sent as a messenger to help others hear the clarion call that will lead to their ultimate healing or journey towards wholeness. Over the years, my many struggles have translated into hard-won wisdom that I now share with others.

My most noteworthy reading recently was when I ultimately had to tell a querent that her new beau was gay and that he was pressing her to marry him so that he could hide behind his wedding ring.  Having been born under the star sign Sagittarius, I am naturally blunt and do not mince words.  However, I endeavor to deliver guidance in the spirit of love to not only deliver the truth but to combine it with love and compassion.

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Don’t Fear the Tower Tarot Card Meaning - By S. Dorothy Smith

Don’t Fear the Tarot's Tower Card Meaning - by S. Dorothy Smith

No one jumps for joy when the tower tarot card appears in a reading. But here’s why there is no need for you to fear this symbolic card with thoughts of the grim reaper, death and everything that is apparently destructive.

Cherished beliefs and long-worn patterns are threatened to be dismantled and a tumultuous period of change promises to materialize on the horizon. But just as a storm clears away debris and then breathes fresh air into the atmosphere, so do life’s storms dismantle everything that does not serve us and leave in their wake a new dawn replete with sunshine and rainbows on which we can build new dreams and foster new realities.

Sometimes it’s difficult to discern what needs to be torn down and rebuilt when the Tower Tarot Card appears. Could it be an old habit? An old belief? An old way of living? Sometimes change can be subtle and not necessarily always drastic. Subtle shifts in perception can be just as life-altering as major life changes in that they lead you to look at your life from a higher perspective. Whatever change the Tower brings, it promises to bring new awareness and new wisdom with which to rebuild on firmer foundations.

For instance, you might get into a fight with a long-time friend and the two of you no longer see eye to eye and you ultimately lose the friendship. What might at first glance seem like a disheartening loss of a trusted friendship might in the long run turn out to be a needed end to an alliance that was based on shaky ground from the beginning and it took only one heated argument to finally learn the truth. Grieve the ending but shift your perspective to finally see the truth.

Life’s trials will often leave us standing on our heads with our entire lives thrown upside down. Yet once the storm settles, what will remain will be the kernel of truth on which to rebuild even stronger foundations. The Tower might not be a welcome sign, but from a positive perspective, it always presents itself when we need a fresh assessment of the present situation. Like pruning away what is unnecessary to live our best lives, the Tower tarot card meaning, once endured, can be a welcome relief.

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You can find Dorothy on Keen as New Dawn

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