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How did Psychic Tanya first discover her Psychic Abilities?

Many moons ago, I went to see a Tarot Card Reader. I was amazed at how she could ‘see’ inside my life as she focused on these ‘weird’ cards (because they were of fruits or vegetables). I became interested in learning how to do what she did and was given my first set of Tarot Cards.

I learned the cards and chose to use my own customized spread to do readings for family and friends. It is through the use of the cards that my intuitive energy was discovered and developed; yet at a certain point, my clairaudience was invoked and I stopped using the cards. While it was my clairaudience that made me aware of my level of intuitive energy, all the other abilities followed suit and strengthened once I let go of the Tarot Cards. 

I am now an author of spiritual ebooks and a professional clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, and Empathic Medium who channels – relays Higher Consciousness. 

As my spiritual journey progressed, my intuitive energy strengthened. I am a ‘Spiritual Intuitive’; I use my intuitive abilities in a spiritual manner. My spirit connects to the spirit of the client in order to enlighten and empower the ego of the client. Being a ‘Spiritual Intuitive’ honors my ‘soul purpose’, which is ‘to assist in the healing of others’. Therefore, the readings I provide are intended to enlighten, clarify, empower, inspire and motivate.

Interview - Psychic Tanya O'Quinn of Soul 2 Soul Conversations

A Significant Psychic Experience for Psychic Tanya

I believe we all are born with some amount of intuitive energy; some of course have more than others. We can discover and develop the energy, or we can ignore it and allow it to dissipate. 

The moment when I realized I had a gift was the most amazing experience for me personally for it became the ‘event’ that would ‘mold’ my spiritual path and fortify my spiritual commitment (commitment to my Spiritual Self). 

I was reading for a psychic hotline and using the Tarot Cards. I used to do a five-card spread to interpret the client’s answer. Well during one particular session, I realized that I was ‘hearing’ a voice and it was ‘saying’ what the Tarot Cards were revealing. I acknowledged the voice, interpreted the Cards, ‘compared the information’, and realized that I was being ‘dictated to’. 

As I began to trust the ‘voice’ (later I would realize that the Gift being used – being developed – is called ‘clairaudience’), I began using the cards less and less. I then relayed to God that if He had indeed given me a Gift (as so many had been saying I had), then I shouldn’t need the Tarot Cards to share it. And so now I only rely upon my God-given Gifts to provide all of my various readings. 

Psychic Life

I don’t go around telling people that I am psychic, an Empath or a Medium. I only talk about those experiences with likeminded people. As an Empath, I’m not a glutton for pain – I will avoid situations in which I am met with negative, fear-based energy. And I am not purposed to convert anyone to anything, to defend anything, or to influence beliefs. I respectfully choose when to share any sort of information regarding my Gifts based on the ‘audience’ I have in front of me…just as with topic for discussion.

I do open up about the psychic realms when I am in the environment that welcomes such conversation.

I have been called ‘amazing’, yet I am not. Still, I am Gifted, and I thank God for these Gifts. 

I endured the process, beginning more than two decades ago, to become who I’ve become… "Psychic Tanya", and I am so in love with her! I endured a ‘spiritual awakening’ (when the spirit awakens to the life the ego has created) and I consciously and soulfully committed to my spiritual journey (when the spirit is allowed input and control in the life of the ego).

I believe that we are made up of ‘spirit’ and ‘ego’; the ‘spirit’ is the ‘purest part of us and contains ‘The Breath of God’, while the ‘ego’ is the part of us that is formed by (the influences of) our experiences, environment and society. And so as a ‘Spiritual Intuitive’, it is through my spirit that I relay intuitive information, connect with transitioned loved ones, and share Higher Consciousness. 

I share my Gifts with the soul-filled intention of assisting (key word ‘assisting’) in the healing of others. And so the client that may seek me is one who is self-aware to some degree, open-minded, receptive and focused on becoming empowered. 

We all have Gifts, some of mine lay in the metaphysical realm. Still, I am simply Tanya. 

Psychic Tanya's Star Sign?

I am a Pisces, and my intuitive energy, level of sensitivity, and deep compassion for others seem to be natural Piscean traits. 

Consultations with Psychic Tanya at

I ask for new clients to first visit my website so that they can become aware of who I am, what I do, and how I do it. I then remind them to not pose any questions whose truth they cannot handle for I will only relay the truth of what I see, feel, hear and know. I also suggest that they are calm, open-minded and receptive when forming questions and processing the answers. I ask them to not attempt to process intuitive information in a ‘conscious manner’ – trying to fit it within their own current consciousness – nor add imaginative energy to the process. Intuitive information is simply the truth; it is not based on emotion or consciousness, though at times, one may become able to see, based on current consciousness, how an intuitive response can come to pass. 

Most importantly, we all have free will…there are times when we can change a psychic’s ‘prediction’ for better or worse…’cause we have free will. 

My readings are ‘fascinating’ when the client and I make a strong connection and I am able to impart clarity, enlightenment and additional information quickly, easily, and rhythmically. 

I don’t remember the details of the readings; they are not my business. However, at times, I can be reminded of something I relayed, and many times, when the reading was ‘fascinating’, I remain connected to the energy of the client and will oftentimes send additional intuitive information via email. 

I am amazed at these Gifts; I am honored that God has Trusted me with them. I love it when a client responds to enlighten me on what has occurred according to the reading, how the reading has helped/empowered them, how the reading has helped them to empower another… I love feedback. Additionally, it is through feedback that I can make sure that the client is properly interpreting the enlightenment (reading) so that it may indeed be empowering.

  • I am serious about what I do; therefore, these sessions are not for the fear-based, self-unaware, or insecure…unless the fear-based, self-unaware, and insecure desire to become transformed. 

To make the most of my Gifts, the potential client should be ready for a life-change…that’s it, just ready….without even knowing when or how it shall occur. The information I relay can be life-altering; it precipitate a major personal transformation. It is wise that a client already have a support group in place if they wish to use me as a ‘Spiritual Intuitive’ as opposed to just ‘Psychic Tanya’. 

If your soul’s energy connects with mine... if your reading resonates so deeply within your core that you exhale consciousness, truth and pain…if you find your Self ‘drawn’ to me, then you are very likely to be the client who will use me as a ‘Spiritual Intuitive'. And with your guidance, you and I will journey to your emotional healing, through your spiritual awakening, and on to your reclamation of your own divine power. 

Psychic readings and spiritual ebooks are available.

Psychic Tanya O'Quinn

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Born as the fifth of five children, under the astrological sign of Pisces, referred to as ‘Tanya’ , and belonging to the gender known as ‘female’, this Spiritual Intuitive came to be known.

Tanya is clairvoyant (has visions/sees images), clairaudient (hears voices/sounds), clairsentient (gets impressions or feelings), claircognizant (has the feeling of ‘inner knowing’), a Channeler (one who channels information from Spirit and other spiritual energies), and an Empath (can feel what another is feeling). She is also a Medium who will frequently deliver messages to family members and close friends whenever their transitioned loved ones wish to be acknowledged. 

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