Jack Thompson - The Ayahuasca Psychic Interviewed

Jack Thompson is the verified author of this psychic interview.

Being a psychic is so important to Jack Thompson because of his wish to serve others and be supported in a manner that would allow him greater capacity to uplift this planet and humanity.

Psychic Realizations

I consciously realized I had psychic abilities over a period of time between Dec 17 2010-Nov 5th 2013... On the final date I was meditating (coming from a baseline level of consciousness) using the Tho/May meditation (as prompted by my intuition) I chanted for 11-13 minutes before I felt something ( that I now know to have been my pineal gland) wiggle back and forth in the center of my brain, heard a loud crack and pop (accompanied by fizzes) upon the completion of these sounds I was hit by a loud tone and began seeing shining cities of pearlescent, liquid Light filled with beings of Light speaking visible Languages of Light. This all seemed to last 15-25 minutes but when I reentered my body and grounded, (I began meditating around 7.30pm and awoke at 4.30 am the next morning) I discovered that several hours had passed... the following days I manifested a cloud to shade me from the sun that followed my exact specifications (spoken in jest the night before) and began seeing auras around clients (I was working in retail at the time) who I would be the ideal sales person for (everyone with an aura bought 150$+ of electronics from me,) and the ones without auras did not want to talk to me even if they were buying a 20$ DVD player, the individual I am speaking of that stood out the most waited an 1.5hr so another sales rep would assist them. Over the past few years since I have had a constant flow of psychic phenomena and it is getting stronger everyday.


My journey into the psychic world has been one of huge leaps with small amounts if integration time in between, I have had almost completely positive contact with extra dimensional beings, and while I have had many intense experiences, I have always remained in my heart mindful that I AM and that my choices determine my reality, I am grateful for the guidance I have and continue to receive from the spirit world for assisting me in grounding my energy in Love.

Psychic Abilities

I am highly intuitive, I have as my highest psychic senses Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairaudience. I have been initiated through all 9 syncretic munay ki rites gifted by an Andean Paqo along with a dear lady named Natalie Alaya. (Unfortunately I have lost contact with this lady and have also accidentally deleted my certificate). I received two estrellas in a vision in the Peruvian Andes some months afterwards. I am trained by the Spirits, The Spirit of Mother Earth is my heart guide and the one who bestowed my first experience (in this incarnation) of Unconditional Love... I am particularly talented in the areas of cleansing and psychic defense, but as far as skills I would feel comfortable monetizing I would feel most comfortable reading tarot cards, I have been reading cards for 5+ years on a donation only basis and have never had a complaint.

I believe that all human beings are highly psychic, it is natural, most just haven't realized it yet, but that is changing. I have found my own abilities have a direct relationship with my trust in myself, as I have gained in wisdom I have found myself with new talents and my old talents have matured.

My personal spiritual views regarding the psychic realm are that The only things I know are how much I have yet to learn. The things I have found to hold True are that Unconditional Love is the building block of the Universe and that All Consciousness is One Consciousness. I serve the Light of Source and my mission is to Honor Life and bring the Value of Human Existence back to the forefront of Creation.

Significant Psychic Experiences

I have metaphysical experiences almost daily... but the Light of my Heart is the very first time I met the Goddess of the Earth:

I was young, around 17, when I drank ayahuasca for the first time, this began my healing and although I have had equally profound unassisted experiences (including one where met this same being in form) This experience will stay in my heart forever as a Shining Light.

  • "...I found myself in the Void, like Space lacking stars, I was elated that everything had become calm, a wind that became extremely loud began approaching, when it hit my it cut my atoms into pieces, it was the worst pain imaginable, but it was only painful when I focused on it, when I surrendered it was Ecstatic, after my body disintegrated, I was in Spirit Form, I saw a being approach, the most beautiful being I had ever seen, who appeared to be 150ft tall with tree bark for skin and green leaves for hair, she told me that I could ask of her 1 question, I was indecisive and ignorant so I asked to know everything about everything. She waved her hand after asking me if I was sure 3 times, I was sucked into a tunnel that showed me my life in reverse all the way to conception at which point a huge flash of light left me in the body of an ancient tribal man, I lived this man's day to day life as him and me simultaneously, when he mated I was both of them and me, when they had children I was them along with their children. Upon the their generation I began experiencing all of their lives individually and simultaneously along with all possible timelines they could go based on choice, this experience grew until I was literally 100s of 1000s of people individually and collectively, experiencing all of their emotions and mentality all the while retaining my own awareness... this progressed until I came back to my life at which point I saw everything I had ever done, how my choices affected others, how my selfishness caused the suffering of not only myself but all others as well until I got to the age I was at the time; at this point I saw possible futures, I then floated down back into the Voidspace, Corpse white, into the Goddess's arms.. when she caught me, she looked at me with pure love and caring and said: "You are my child, I Love you forever, no matter what." She then released me and I floated down through the roof of my house into my body at which point I purged all of the negativity that I had experienced in my lifetimes and became a brand new person. 

Reactions to Psychics

I do not shout about being psychic from the mountaintops, but if asked I am completely and totally truthful. I like to be very open about being a psychic when I am with other who are awakened.

Star Signs

I am Scorpio in the Phoenix stage where I have learned to use the positive and negative aspects of my sign for the highest good.

Contact Psychic Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson Psychic Interview

Jack Thompson's Psychic Consultations

My general approach when I read for people is to begin with a short explanation concerning the scope of the reading, the nature of my readings are to give the clearest possible mirror so that the client can reveal to themselves the answers they seek (all knowledge is inside of one's self) through the medium of the cards.

I found fascinating that my very first reading told me something I did not wish to acknowledge about myself. (That I would be discharged from the Navy), I kept getting the exact same cards every single day for two months until I was honorably medically discharged for a sudden fracturing of my shins.

For my clients my wish is to be of service and contribute to healing and growth in all ways I am capable of. I will always be honest, even if it's not what someone would wish to hear. All that I say in this capacity is straight from the Heart.

To contact me my phone is 615-546-9070 (I will add an update when I have a website available).

Jack Thompson - Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

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