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Dummies Guide To Psychic Reading Expectations

by Debra Cristal

In my years of readings I have had hundreds of questions like "Where will I meet my true love," and "In how long will I get my dream job." The truth is that much of the time, these answers are unanswerable. The laws of Physics dictate this.

Once something is in motion it has to complete that motion. If roadblocks come up, then those roadblocks will stop that motion. Things need a certain potential energy to become kinetic energy. Let me give you an example of this; A pile of wood has the potential to become a fire (potential energy.)The secret to making things is turning it to kinetic (active) energy, or by using another form of kinetic energy to change it, even though it will always hold that kinetic energy.

Someone might strike a match, and throw it into that pile of wood, and if the conditions are right- the wood is dry, this will turn into heat energy, a type of kinetic energy. And what comes next is the expected, what you would expect. A fire will burn, the colours will be bright, heat will be expelled and the wood will change form to ash.

However, if that wood goes onto another truck from the source it was cut, it might go to a factory, become a chair or a table or a ream of paper and keep its potential energy but have a different use. Why? Other kinetic energy has been added to this potential energy (the wood) and now it is being used otherwise. However, in the future it still might be able to burn.

So what can readers see? They can see that potential energy. If the kinetic energy is already in motion, they can see that too. However, if it is just potential energy, they can only tell you that potential. The one thing that readers can tell you is if there is no potential energy there. If you are asking if he holds a burning fire for you, and I see him as water, then I can tell you NO! He does not have feelings for you.

So yes, readings vary, sometimes timing is off and sometimes things don't happen. Ethical readers will let you know in which point this potential energy is- if it exists. And you need to trust them and what they see! Nothing in this world is definite, as bits of water will change form, working their way through the ecosystem, eventually changing form, possibly becoming wood. Readings can give you insight into the now... The potential of now, the set kinetics of now and the near future... But they can't make things happen any quicker.

Love, Light and Respect For That Which Is Bigger Than You!

Debra Crystal

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