The Emotions And Your Immune System Are Powerfully Linked

Does being happy affect your immune system?

  • Positive emotions and your immune system work in miraculous ways. Happiness, joy, laughter, hope, love, and high vibrational frequency feelings have been shown in studies to strengthen the immune system. 

Cara Deptula is the verified author of this guest post.

Does being angry weaken your immune system?

  • Negative emotions and your immune system can work in harmful ways. Much dis-ease starts at a mental/emotional level before it physicalizes.  Whenever you hold thoughts of anger, hatred, resentment, depression, sadness, etc, the ability to produce T-cells actually weakens and the immune system can become depleted. 
Emotions and your immune system.

The Effects Of Emotions And Your Immune System

So, for example, when those who hold in their expression and their "voice" for years, tend to end up having throat chakra issues.  Often this manifests as having a thyroid issue of some sort. 

Those who have issues with their fingers may often NOT use the tools that have to better themselves or work through obstacles.  Those who have issues with gaining weight are often protecting themselves from someone or something.  Sometimes we are even protecting ourselves from ourselves!!!

Our bodies talk to us!  Once we figure out what emotions and your immune system are doing and we pay attention to that, the issues that you are dealing with start to disappear!   I've used the method for myself and for my clients!  It works, but yes it does take knowledge of your own body, how it is talking to you, and being able to interpret what it is trying to say. 

Yes, I do energy work, but I also study the SCIENCE behind it.  I work with the body, as a WHOLE, looking at emotions that could be throwing you off balance.  I work to get you on balance using intuitive therapy work, energy work, and shifting certain thoughts in your brain that could be holding you back!!!  

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Guest post by Cara Deptula

Guest post by Cara Deptula

Cara Deptula is an Intuitive Guide, Detox Coach and Energy Healer.  In private sessions, Cara uses her intuition to read energy and channel advice from Source Energy so that she can understand your heart, uncover your blocks, find your strengths, assess situations, and deliver guidance to keep your soul on path.  She uses her skills as an intuitive energy healer to deliver high-frequency healings.  In healing sessions, she teaches you actionable steps to take towards shifting situations, shifting your energy, reducing emotional suffering, and accomplishing your goals in all areas of life.   

Cara's Website:

Can your emotions affect your immune system?

  • The powerful link between emotional outlook and physical health is no secret. Good feelings, scientists now know, have healing effects on the body, and researchers studying everything from the flu to HIV continue to find eye-opening evidence that your emotions affect your immune system and the rate at which you heal from injuries and illness. Read more on > >

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