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Essence of Goddess

by Shri Angali Devi
(Brampton, Canada )

All women are Goddesses 80% just don't know it yet! My goddess quest began when I was hailed out by no other than Doreen Virtue "The Angel Lady" herself, greeting me with " Hi Goddess!" At our first encounter in Hawaii.

Being born a Hindu, goddesses were the norm, they had lovely fantasy stories of love, wealth, endurance, sacrifice and capacities of ultimate strength andore so the power to conquer evil and suffering. Greek Mythology was a passion in high school, learning about the stories of Hera, Aphrotide, Persephone and Artemis to name a few.

Where knowingness of Isis, Hathor and other great Egyptian goddesses like Bast, reign supreme. As an Indian Caribbean girl what matter of business did I have to feel connected and a deep sense of belonging of the Celtic great mother Goddess Danu!

These were only a few experiences that lead me to understand the true essence of who I am, and who we all are as women; descendants of the Divine Feminine!

Along with being a certified Angel Therapist and Psychic medium, my passion includes advocating for women's rights to dream and realize those dreams into living breathing reality.

I have a vast knowledge both from amassing ancient wisdom from my bare soul, but more so having human experiences of every kind of " suffering" a woman can bare upon this world. I am a survivor of incest as a child, rape as a teen which catapulted me into a life of utter destruction; drug abuse, alcoholism, prostitution and physically abusive relationships that seem to have been a never ending ride!

I know your pain, I've lived it, healed it, move beyond it and is here to help guide you to the grounds of paradise, where peace love and prosperity reign supreme.

Using the essence of Goddess healing and energy alignment, with a background as a law of attraction coach, I facilitate the ultimate space to have you one and for all end your cycles of destruction and abuse and assist you in integrating healing and self love and acceptance back into your life!

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