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Free Scrying #1 for my Facebook Fortune Teller Crystal Ball psychic readings are revealed here.

If you have found this free reading and not yet visited my Facebook page it is not too late to use the answers revealed below.

You will see my image below contains five crystal balls. Each has a theme.

1 - Career   2 - Money   3 - Love   4 - Spiritual   5 - Wellness

How to ask your free question:

Please be in a relaxed state of mind as this will help you tune into the psychic realms. Think of one question only for the scrying and match the theme of your question with the relative number on one of the crystal balls. Then imagine projecting your question into that ball. Hold the thought for a minute or two, then let it go.

Free Scrying #1 for my Facebook Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Reading are revealed below this picture. 

Facebook Fortune Teller Crystal BallsFacebook Fortune Teller Crystal Balls

Facebook Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Answers 

Psychics answer questions about careers

Crystal Ball 1 – Focused on Career Questions

"You are on a path that is working well, and your sights are set on a significant target.  Staying focused on what you see as achievable, in the environment you are presently in, attracts a financial offer that can take you out of this world and into another.  In short, keep doing your best, and you will soon get head hunted with a very attractive offer to change sides. Six weeks to six months is the best time frame I can offer for this to come about."

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Psychics answer questions about money

Crystal Ball 2 - Focused on Money Questions

"Firstly, I feel constraint. There is a buffer protecting you, but there is frustration around the confines. There also seems to be too many possible ways out of this situation for you to know which way to turn. It is as if instead of being stuck at a crossroads wondering which turn to take, you find yourself in the middle of spaghetti junction and directionally bamboozled. My advice is to sit back and try and enjoy the space you do have. Relax and do not stress over making a confused choice. Make the very best of your present circumstance.  See your world, as much as possible, in a bright and happy light. When you are in that happy place, help finds its way to you. It is as if the very thing you need just falls into your lap." 

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Psychics answer questions about love

Crystal Ball 3 - Focused on Love Questions

"This crystal ball looks a bit gloomy at first sight. There are a few negative connotations here. Someone on the outside of this is watching over you, hoping you can make some big changes. (Perhaps ‘knowing’ you can make some big changes). But your outlook is met with opposition and pressure to keep you in your place. Then everything changes, the crystal ball clears and reveals freedom and a lushness that feels like deep and happy emotion. Whatever the constraint I initially saw may have been, it may not necessarily disappear, but the negativity certainly fades away. Ultimately love fills you to the brim."

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Psychics answer questions about spiritual matters

Crystal Ball 4 - Focused on Spiritual Questions 

"I see you looking for signs from beyond this realm, but it proves difficult to see a clear message from the many possible coincidences. You may be hoping for a simple white feather to float gently into your awareness, but some twit just opened a feather pillow upwind of you. Well someone did send you a feather, it came in a pillow, and the sender seems highly amused at his/her power. The sender is in a very good place and can send you love. There is also a message here to say it is time to move forward with life while always being energised by the sender’s love and power."

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Psychics answer questions about wellness

Crystal Ball 5 - Focused on Wellness Questions

"I see you walk right past what is not good for you. And as you continue to do so wellness becomes easier and easier for you to maintain. What you learn to do now, becomes so natural and so easy, you can teach/help others from the experience.  The biggest challenge right now is in avoiding those temptations. An angel of wellness holds your hand and stays with you. You can do it!"

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