Your Soul’s Game Plan For This Life In The Metaphysical Perspective

My story about your soul’s game plan for this life is suitable for young and old.  I've found this metaphysical point of view a simple way to explain reincarnation and déjà vu.

Dawn Carr, C.Ht. is the verified author of this guest post.

Who we are and why we are here?

Before we come into a lifetime, we get together with other souls (most of whom have reincarnated with us before) and we choose a game plan of what each one of us wants to learn and accomplish during this particular lifetime. When this has been chosen, then we decide what we all want to collectively learn and accomplish (as a group, family, friends, etc.). We take all of this information and create our game plan for this life.

Live Your Soul’s Game Plan For This Life

When we have devised our game plan for this life, we break it down even further and we all choose roles. For example, one says "I want to be the mother." Another says "I want to be the cousin", (best friend, next door neighbor, college roommate, etc.) until everyone agrees upon which roles would be the most beneficial for their life plan and for the game plan. Then, with the help of each other and help from a "Council of Elders" (experienced, wise entities that help supervise our charts), we each create our own life plan that is inserted into the plan for the game of our lives. You can look at the life and game plans as being the big game board that the game is played upon. Each plan is connected to the other plans in some way.

When the game plan for this life has been decided

Everyone gets ready in their own way, whether it be learning additional information, rehearsing, or having certain "trigger" points embedded in our minds. A trigger point works something like this: "Okay, I agree that when I'm walking down Center Street at 2:00pm on May 4, 2027, that I will look up and see a huge blue jay sitting on the branch of the tree above me. As I'm walking and looking at the blue jay, you'll come walking around the corner and accidentally bump into me. When this happens, you'll say something that will make me remember that I need to take a class that I read about that will play a significant role in my future." This is known as a "trigger" because it triggers or recalls a memory of something that you need to do at a certain time in your life.

After everyone has prepared for a game plan for this life, then they all wait their turn for the time that they come into their life (when they are born). When you come into your life, the game begins! It's like a big adventure. When your lifetime is over, you go back to the Other Side/Heaven, which is our true home, and everyone says "Wow! Wasn't that game plan for this life awesome?!" "What did you learn? I learned....". Once you become acclimated to the Other Side/Heaven, then you study the different aspects of that life. You talk about how you grew as a person, what you learned, how you might have handled something differently, what your intentions were, and so on.

Who wins in the game of life?

We play a game plan for this life over and over again with different roles and scenarios that help us learn and grow in the Light of God/The Creator. This is why we reincarnate over several lifetimes. There are no losers in this game because we all learn and grow in some capacity. Also, when we experience déjà-vu, we are simply remembering the game plan and our life plan, thus explaining why we feel like we've done or seen something before. We saw it before we came into our lifetime.

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Guest post by Dawn Carr

Psychic Medium Dawn Carr, C.Ht.

Dawn Carr is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, radio personality, speaker, writer, hypnotherapist, paranormal investigator and peace activist based in Brockton, Massachusetts, USA. 

"One reading can change your life. I've seen it happen with my work and the work of other reputable psychic mediums. Sometimes it's just a matter of taking a 'left' after you've been taking too many 'rights', or looking right instead of left. Sometimes we just need a little tweek to ensure that we're following our best path. I have clients from all walks of life and everyone needs help from time to time." ❤️ Dawn


Comments About Your Soul’s Game Plan For This Life

Good Insight - by: Pamella
This really gives a different light on things. I was just dealing with a woman today who is very confused. She is clearly clairvoyant and also is communicating with those who have passed, but she doesn't have understanding to what is happening to her. This article is good and has given me some ideas to help her. 

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