Geraldine Russell

by Geraldine Russell
(Scotland, Great Britian)

My name is Geraldine Russell, I am a Spiritual Medium and I have been working with the spirit world for the last 15 years or so. I would like to share an experience I had before I worked with my guides etc.

I was first introduced to the Spiritual Church when I met my husband. His mother ran our local church and as soon as I heard this I was intrigued and just had to go and find out for myself. I had no idea that this would lead to me becoming a Medium but I do know the urge was very strong. I attended the church for a couple of years and was totally amazed by the different Mediums who took the platform and the information that came forward. I had not been invited to join the circle group at this time (this is a group of like-minded people hoping to progress their own spiritual work).

My first son was only a couple of months old and I was taking him to visit his gran. I had called her to tell her I was coming and she told me to let myself in with my key as she had an errand to run but would not be long. I drove to her house with my small son in his carry seat and let myself in. I put him on the side sofa and left him in his seat as he was asleep. I was really in need of a cup of tea and when I got up to go into the kitchen I noticed the sun was shining in my sons face so I went over to the window to close the blinds slightly. As I turned from the window toward the kitchen the door was ajar and in the space I could see very clearly the dark figure of a man. I was shocked and very apprehensive to say the least. At this point I decided I would not go into the kitchen but sit and wait on my Mother-in-Law to come back.

Although the site of the man did scare me I also knew he meant no harm and he was only looking to see who I was, I also felt he was familiar to the house and had been here before. I don`t know how I knew this, I just did.

After around 20 minutes my Mother-in-Law came home. I was still in the sitting room and was very glad to hear her come in. Before I had a chance to tell her what I had seen, she said to me, guess what happened to me today and I replied “you saw a man in the kitchen”. She laughed and said “you saw him too didn't you” and I confirmed I had. Both she and I could not describe him as we saw no features but were both very sure that he was a man and also that he meant no harm. My Mother-in-Law had seen him earlier in the day when she was cleaning up and she had acknowledged him. She was very pleased that I had encountered him too as this was validation for her also. We never found out who the man was but we still mention it to each other occasionally today (14 years later). I have seen spirit many times since that encounter but they still have the ability to startle me when they turn up unexpected.

Geraldine Russell

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Oct 21, 2012
Male Spirit
by: Anna

It sounds like the male spirit you both saw might be a relative that has crossed over. I would ask him what his name is and if he has something to tell you. Of course,sometimes people and animals on the other side just like to be around someone that knows they are there since so many people either don't see or are afraid to see.Maybe he is a guide or a helper for you.

Oct 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have spoken and seen Geraldine several times now , a truly gifted and helpful medium

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