The God Gifted Psychic Josefina Valero Interviewed

My name is Josefina Valero, I am a God Gifted Psychic born in Spain, in a small fisherman village in the Costa del Sol. When God gives you a spiritual gift he means for you to use it - and was is more stubborn than I was!

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I always remember people saying, "she is different", I used to hate it, I just wanted to be like everyone else. I used to see (still do) colours round people, animals and plants, I knew how people were feeling by these colours; as the years passed I learned more about these colours, not from books but from my own conclusions.

In 1972 I came to England to study English. I made friends with one of my teachers, I told him about these colours I saw around people, he said I was a God Gifted Psychic, it was the first time I had heard that word, he advised me to read about it. I did, and from that day I have been studying and learning about the esoteric arts and sciences, like astrology, palmistry, tarot, numerology, runes, crystal gazing, etc.

God Gifted Psychic Josefina Valero Interviewed

I found out that I was most comfortable with numerology, palmistry and cards, these three props came most natural to me; while I am using them with the clients, images come to my head, I hear words or sentences as if I was watching on a screen the life of the client, most of the time I don't know what they mean, but the clients do, and that is what matters.

I didn't have any intention to do psychic work for a living; so, when I finished College I started working for the Chambers of Commerce as a translator-interpreter. People who knew me and business I was translating for kept on asking about readings and numerology charts, so I did them, not only for the nice extra cash, it was a nice hobby that I enjoyed doing.

After the birth of my first daughter I decided to go into teaching, it was a better time-table with a child. I still carried on doing party bookings, business readings and numerology studies. I didn't advertise, it just went from mouth to mouth.

In 1996 something happened that changed my life. I was working in Spain as a teacher, the director of the local radio station asked me to do a show once a week about psychic abilities, it was a live programme where people could ring and ask questions, I agreed, my life wasn't the same since then, my name got known in the media and I was doing TV and Radio shows all over Spain, America and Europe, I visited many famous people, politicians and business giants.

I left the teaching and dedicated myself wholly to do the psychic work, to impart my knowledge to others, with courses, conferences and workshops. 

I passed from being a secondary teacher who nobody knew to become a familiar face on the TV screens.

Now, back in England, my life is quieter.  I like studying and learning and even now after so many years I am still learning. I don't need to work as hard as before, my children are grown up and it is only my husband and myself now, but I can't leave the psychic work altogether, it is part of me, part of my life, and when I get e-mails from clients telling me how much they have been helped by a reading or a workshop, and when clients of 30 years ago are still in touch with me as friends now, I know it would be very selfish from my part not to do the God gifted psychic job he gave me to do.

Gifted Psychic Josefina Valero

Josefina Valero

Josefina Valero lives in Nottingham, England.

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