Yvette Adams - The Oranum Psychic Interviewed

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Psychic interview with Yvette Adams

Psychic Realizations

(Ian) Describe how you first realized that you had psychic abilities.

(Yvette Adams) How I realized I had abilities, a heightened 6th sense, a gift was when I was a baby.

How am I able to recollect at such a young age? It is due to the detailed memories of the person's house we were visiting and the experiences of the visit, along with coming across a photo of myself that was taken at that moment. When I asked my mother how old I was in the photo, she stated that I was approximately one year and six months. That for me explained how I never thought I was different. I assumed that everyone was like that and that it was natural, like it is a natural involuntary function such as the function of breathing. 

Yvette Adams - The Oranum Psychic Interviewed

This was my first experience: 

Me and my family were visiting my aunt, and I vividly remember in detail, that I was standing in her kitchen sink as my mother was bathing me, and I remember looking up at the ceiling and sensed a negative and malicious presence/energy so much so that it gave a aura of a grey color, The atmosphere was heavy and I feared that it wanted to hurt me, or more like that it could. All I wanted was my mother to hurry up and get me out of that house!

So detailed in memory, I can even recall how the property and the surroundings looked, even the landscaping in the back yard, especially a big old tree, every time I would look at it I received impressions, visions, sensations and feelings.

I could see someone dying by hanging off the limbs of that tree, and how sad that person was and the pressure and disappointment with life that was felt, the inner conflict experienced and the after affects it had emotionally, mentally and in the end physically, by their death.

(Ian) Why is being a psychic so important to you, and can you describe your journey into the psychic world?

(Yvette Adams) The importance is that it is part of my blue print. it cannot be blocked. It is part of my personality true spiritual identity, the true spirit of my soul. As every part of our brains/minds has it purpose and function, so has the soul/spirit/higher-self have its purpose and function. My soul/spirit/higher-self accumulated much wisdom from many lives and their experiences, that it has transcended/transferred/fused to my souls blueprint that it becomes instinctual. 

In the research I have done throughout my life, I can now explain in the least amount of words that can sum it up quickly "Indigo Child/Adult", "Star Seed", "A Light Worker" , "A Healer/Curandera", "Bodhisattva", "A High Priestess", "A Descendant of Powerfully Gifted lineage" or just "My Mothers Daughter" reflecting the gift inherent in her. Among other names I identify with across the many different cultures and beliefs around the world, it always leads me to the same interpretations/ explanation. I have come to accept that I am unique and if I utilize such a powerful gift bestowed upon me, it can be beneficial and be of great help to the lives of others and contribute to kosen rufu (world peace). 

Psychic Abilities

(Ian) What spiritual skills do you have? 

(Yvette Adams) Let me begin with saying, all my life I have and continue to use the Alpha Mind State: (All of psychic abilities emanate from this realm.) In hypnosis I am considered to be a somnambulist (in the constant state of hypnosis or suggestible state, Hypnosis: Hypnotic Trance (Metagnomy), I am spiritualist (having crowned my Guardian and moved up through 2 levels) becoming an initiate in the African Caribbean religion Palo Mayombe and Santeria. I am also a practicing Buddhist member (which I contribute to my spiritual foundation) so I meditate/chant the sutras. So my abilities are not limited. Some abilities are more prominent than others, depending on the individual and what I am doing or where I am at is the deciding factor of which tool/ability I use. 

I am a Sensitive/Intuitive, Channeling, Medium, Empath, Diviner (tools I use in readings: Dowsing Rod & Playing Cards to anchor in my client. Cartomancy: Similar to Tarot Card reading only Cartomancy is using a traditional deck of PLAYING cards not Tarot cards).

(Ian) Please share any thoughts you have about psychic being a special ability. And what are your thoughts around everybody having a certain degree of psychic power?

(Yvette Adams) I consider that being psychic is not a special ability but one of our senses such as smell. Just like touch, taste, and hearing, we are all born to have these senses. But some people are born with certain senses having more height and some normal and some even lacking in our senses capabilities.

(Ian) How have your psychic abilities changed over time? 

(Yvette Adams) The abilities I experienced in my early hours of life were like wild horses as I began to understand and learn about my gifts as they manifested and I had to learn control of my gift my abilities increased intensified and developed on such a profound level.

For example: being shown, in my mind's eye, someone physically going through like death. Or seeing future events. Like someone's death due to an overdose, or other health illnesses, or a seeing a mother giving birth after she was told they cannot have children.

Hearing spirit/guides (those not of the material world) and what they have to say. Being a channel and medium, allowing the use of my body to the spirits/guides, to manifest through me to relay messages, conduct cleansing, answer questions and give protection.

The analogy I like to use to show my growth is, "at first I was a small antenna and I am now a medium sized satellite dish that is still growing in size"

Significant Psychic Experiences

(Ian) Please share your most noteworthy personal metaphysical experience. 

(Yvette Adams) So many noteworthy experiences such as seeing someone's death, feeling someone's death and not only feeling they passed but feeling them leaving their body the physiological feelings/sensations, hearing disembodied voices of a woman's voice calling my name, seeing doors move/seeing balls of light/seeing apparitions, sharing my body with another spirit (medium), being able to hear the dead and communicate with the dead, having premonitions of natural disasters such as floods tornadoes earthquakes, seeing into the future of my own life and others, I experience the rise of the Kundalini energy up my spine completely up into my head, I have experienced lucid dreaming, astral projection, spontaneous visions. The list goes on and on.

  • Example #1:

A very dear friend and longtime client (I will use JB for his name), on July 29th 2015 between the hours of 1:50 a.m- 3:30 a.m., I awoke knowing, sensing and hearing (a still small voice say) JB has passed away. I felt and knew he had left this world. I then received a call from the hospital (because I was listed as emergency contact) informing me of JB passing away and that his time of death occurred at 2:15 a.m. from the cancer.

This same client/dear friend (approximately five years ago) came to visit me at my candles shop or Botanica and in that visit I trance out and began advising him to go get a checkup and that cancer was in his body. He told me I said a lot more about other people and events but what I told him about him was cancer and that's what he was concerned about.

I do not remember too much when I tune out like that which is why I tell my clients to take notes written notes of our session.

  • Example #2

Another longtime client of 18 years (which I will call WN) 

October 1st 2013 approximately at 2 p.m. While at work, I began to cry, I was too emotional to function and I was allowed to go home.

Upon arriving home I must have fell into a deep trance because my sense of time began to distort and my surroundings became hazy. I was not consciously present (I say is having my head in the sky.)

After hours have passed I jumped up and crying hysterically I ran to my mother's room and she was lying in bed and flung myself over her legs held on tight to her as I was gasping for air and crying.

She asked me what was wrong and what happened? I did not answer. She began to say if I needed to go to the hospital. I shook my head no. My sister enters the room asking what happened? I did not answer. She repeatedly kept asking and her tone was changing, I then began to scream "I am dying" over and over again as I was making gurgling sounds as if my lungs were filling up with fluid.

My mother knows all my abilities so she knew how and what to do with me when I trance out, so she assisted me in making calls to check up on WM who had been in the hospital (e suffered a stroke) but she was unable to find out his condition.

When I woke up the next day I had received a text message from WM secretary informing me that WM passed away. I physically experienced his physical symptoms of him dying. I had already known for about 8 months that his death was approaching I had even passed the spirit of WM and myself deceased attorney spontaneously during one of my visits with WM with a message for him about to not fear death and a description of what to look forward to. I feel the message was needed to ease his fears.

In fact, I was advising him to be more vigilant at securing an emergency plan in case something was to happen to him so that we could get to him quickly. I was calling him every day visiting as much as possible because I sensed that something would happen while he was alone, and it happened.

When possible I log/write down, share with someone (a witness) the information I receive.

Reactions to Psychics

(Ian) When do you avoid telling people that you're psychic? And when do you like to be very open about being a psychic? 

(Yvette Adams) I do not avoid telling people I am psychic or have heightened abilities or gifts. I have the great pleasure of being open whenever the conversation arises for me. It is a part of who I am. When someone gets to know me it becomes apparent and very obvious. I always stay true to myself and I never hide who I am. I feel I am a person that has been blessed with metaphysical gifts and I am very fortunate to be in tune with my sensory perceptions. "What you see is what you get" so to speak.

(Ian) What do you most want the public to know about you?

(Yvette Adams) I want the public to know that my integrity is important to me. I truly care about my clients and I am committed to providing authentic readings that leave members feeling good regardless of the content of the reading. I do not tolerate. nor can I endure, scare tactics to “encourage” members to call back in order to avoid negative consequences in any of my services. I am here because I want to share my gift in a positive, loving environment.

Star Signs

(Ian) What star sign are you and what makes you typical of your star sign?

(Yvette Adams) My sign is Leo. Typically I am very generous and extremely helpful. When people are feeling a bit low, they come to a Leo like myself for some guidance, advise, unload what is being kept pinned up inside (venting because I listen with no judgement) or just for TLC. I love people and hardly ever get moody; in fact, I am a pretty good tempered for a lion.

I being Leo have high standards and I don’t like to let myself or anyone else down. I like Leo enjoy being seen as a person of substance and status, and prefer to be in a position to help others rather than approaching them cap in hand. Like a Leo’s pride would not allow me to live or work in a situation that I consider ‘beneath’ me. 

Like Leo’s I won’t stand for being treated with contempt or ridicule, but I am very aware of other people’s need for dignity, so I am rarely offensive or hurtful. Like a Leo I can become surprisingly downhearted on occasion, but I don’t usually stay depressed for long and my confidence returns fairly quickly. The thing that saves most Leo’s in hard times is our joyful sense of humor. Like Leo I am generous and kind and will do anything to help others, especially family. Leo's excel as a family member and enjoy keeping in touch with relatives although I am not the type to cling. As a partner, like Leo, I am very loyal and dependable. It is very unlikely for Leo’s to have a fling simply out of curiosity.

Only the best for me in everything you do with my business. I don’t mind paying a little extra to get quality in return, whether it means hiring the best, buying the best software or using a premier service provider rather than a low cost alternative. Professional to the extreme, I never sweat the small stuff which helps me to focus and drive the bigger picture. Outwardly I am calm and focused.

Readings With Yvette Adams

Contac Yvette Adams

Psychic Consultations 

(Ian) What is your general approach when you read for people? And can you share about your most fascinating reading to date?

(Yvette Adams) All of the readings I have conducted have been fascinating. The wide range of peoples and their unique situations, circumstances, place in life, Karma- life lessons in this life and the fortune/ blessings we receive in this life etc.....are never identical. Every individual is unique and has their own signature/mark, blueprint, beliefs, faiths, practices, characteristics and behaviors. Please also refer to the two examples I have provided for "Significant Psychic Experience" above.

Contacting Yvette Adams

(Ian) How should new clients connect with Yvette Adams? 

(Yvette Adams) I'm in Garden Grove, California.

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