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Heart Centered Psychic Readings

by Lulu Spirit Guru
(Ohio, USA)

Lulu Spirit Guru

Lulu Spirit Guru

My heart centered awakening was the catalyst for my spiritual career in that my main goal and stipulation to personal success is sharing my heart energy with others and showing them how to access the deepest parts of bliss and serenity within themselves. During a reading or healing with me, my intention is bring up blocks that you have in your heart toward pure unconditional love, which is the precise energy that sparks all expansion in creation.

Through my gifts of intuitive sight, sound, knowledge, and incredible empathy I channel the higher dimensions to provide you with the message that speaks deeply into your heart, to open you up to releasing blocks and replacing them with divine energy that will assist you in expanding your life to match your desires that are of the highest good. The energy work will trigger outside manifestations showing the truth of your life to help bring you into further alignment with yourself, your core soul energy that is not influenced by anything outside of yourself.

In addition to the wonderful heart healing that our connection will ensure, I can also prepare energetic gifts for you with specific intention to release whatever you desire into or out of your life. I have developed great intention and the ability to concentrate it into a ball of energy that I may send out to whoever I wish. I have developed my abilities through rigorous study of the laws of the universe and much practice in expanding my own energy of which I would be glad to share the knowledge with you.

If you would like to contact me please visit my website.

(Website down - awaiting updated info)

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