Heavenly Predictions

by Clara May
(England, UK)

Heavenly Predictions

Heavenly Predictions

Hi there, I am a clairvoyant and have been psychic since birth.

I First remember seeing as a child Auras around people and wondering about them and what they meant. I'd also see colours, shapes, and circles of colours around me.

I didn't start to work with clients until my early twenties, where I was invited by someone at work to join them at at the local spiritual churches inner circle.

I was happy about them letting me know that I did not have to give messages as it was my first invite, but as the evening went on and everyone passed on messages, I'd get three names at a time and pass them on.

I finally had a message from the lady who headed the group and was amazed at her ability too.

I was told that I was born psychic and had a long line of Catholicism in my heritage coupled with a nun as my spirit guide, she also told me that everyone worked with spirit differently and not to worry how I worked.

Afterwards a man who worked there called me over and said he had been very impressed with my skills and asked if I'd wish to do this full time, I was overwhelmed though and did not decide to take up further readings until my grandfather passed on shortly after and I realised that I was able to actually hear him, see him and communicate.

I moved around a lot at the time, yet every place I moved into seemed haunted!

It wasn't until I spoke about it happening and my mother's suggestion that due to my psychic energy, I was responsible for awakening the spiritual beings that would be in each of these homes I'd moved into! It was never boring though!

Twenty three years on and I'm still working with spirit and it feels very rewarding being a professional reader.

Before becoming an independent reader I had worked with a famous clairvoyant for many years and in my time have turned down Sky TV and various offers to raise my profile. I mostly enjoy working anonymously as nothing interferes with the process.

I believe we are all born with clairvoyant abilities and they are messages that we translate from the universe on higher realms.

My Website for further information or to book a reading is at

Thank you for reading my article

Love and light

Clara X


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