How do YOU do what you do - psychically speaking?

by Kim Starrs
(Oregon USA)

How do psychics do what they do? I cannot speak for all psychics but for me it is kind of like swimming. If I struggle and give into the fear of swimming then I'll sink. But if I relax and have faith, I'll float. Then as I build up confidence I may even swim. Before I begin a reading I pray for the mother father divine to protect me with a golden bubble of light. I then ask that all my highest guides, angels, and higher self and those of the ones I am to read for that day, converse with each other and allow only the highest purest information to come thru me ?just for that person.

Before a reading I spend a short time meditating by staring into a candle flame for a few minutes. After that I close my eyes and see the flame in the darkness of my minds eye. I hold the image in my minds eye for as long as I can until it disappears. Next I concentrate on the person?s first name that I am about to read and ask my guides what I need to reveal to them. Streams of information usually pour through my mind at that moment, and I write it down as it comes.

For me, tarot cards work for a focus as well. As I stare at a spread of three tarot cards I also get streams of information coming through my mind. Anything can be used as a focus, but the information comes into my mind in the area of the center of my forehead. I get pictures, sentences, streams of information. I also feel the emotions behind what I see.

When I do this kind of work I am in a sense taking on the karma of that person, and the person may feel refreshed when the reading is over where as I may feel drained or sometimes even sick, if I do not take the proper precautions or measures. Some of the precautions I take are as follows:

*When the reading is over I rub the person's energy off of my arms and legs and throw it into the fire. When I do this I make sure it goes into the fire and not back into the air to come right back to me. The fire burns it up.

*During the reading I take the time to smell an orange or a tangerine. This energizes me and helps me stay focused during the reading. It also helps to halt dizziness and nausea if it occurs. If I do not have any citrus an apple will do, but citrus seems to work the best.

*Lastly and most importantly I remember that the information I give the client comes through me but is not from me. If I feel like it comes from me I get performance anxiety and the reading gets blocked and is less accurate. When I remember that I am just a vessel for a higher quality of information to come through then the readings are always pure, diverse and accurate; and quite frankly more fun.

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