Know How To Become A Medium And Find The Soul's Expression

Almost all our wobbles when learning how to become a medium are a direct reflection of our personal soul development. I know what you are thinking. What does the soul have to do with learning to be a better psychic or medium? Did you know that most of the work you do as a psychic or medium comes from your soul? 

Kay Reynolds is the verified author of this guest post.

Are you like me? When I first began learning how to become a medium, I thought all my work (psychic and mediumship) was being controlled by spirit guides. I was constantly saying, "They are telling me", or, "they are showing me." The truth is my soul was sending me the information. 

All communication is soul to soul. It is not spirit communicator to spirit guide to medium. It is the medium’s soul to the spirit communicator (mediumship) or the psychic’s soul to the sitter (psychic). 

Pathways To Psychic Mediumship

Now that we know this, you can see how important it is to learn how to become a medium through your own soul’s expression (true essence) and work towards developing your soul. 

 The Soul Path For Learning How To Become A Medium

How can you work towards developing your soul’s expression?

When you sit in the power of the God source (or whomever your Creator maybe) we begin to discover the answers to the age-old of questions of "What is my purpose in life?" and "What is the true essence of my soul?" Once we find the answers, we can begin to allow our soul to guide us in expressing those true qualities in this lifetime.

We all choose paths in life - many times over. The trick is letting your soul make the choice and not your mind. At one time, for example, I wanted to be a school principal. I had just finished my master’s degree in education and spent a great deal of time and money going directly into a second master’s degree to become a principal. Once I finished the second degree, I no longer wanted to be a principal - I never used the second degree. What happened? Instead of letting my soul express its true desire, I let my mind choose my path. 

The key is finding the true expressions of our soul, then letting it shine forth and light our paths. Of course, we all have more than one soul path. For me, my first path was teaching; my soul is not complete without being a teacher. Everywhere I go, in all that I do, I find teachable moments. The second pathway of my soul is creativity: using color and being surrounded by beauty in all things makes me feel alive. Finally, mediumship is my third path, and an expression my soul that fills me up beyond measure. 

My life was going great until I realized being a principal was not the right path for me. It did not feel right. I was hitting roadblock after roadblock.  No matter what I did, it just was not working the way I wanted. 

So, off I went in search of fulfilling my soul’s desire. When I finally surrendered to my ability to sense spirit, everything began to fall into place. I had found the third true expression of my soul, being a medium. Once I surrendered (after ignoring it my entire life) doors began to open that everyone said would be impossible to open. It was as if the Heavens opened, shined the light to light up my path, and said, "We’ve been waiting for this day, go forth as we’ve cleared the path." 

I discovered my true expression accidentally by sitting in the power of spirit daily. Honestly, I did not even know I was sitting in the power. That was an accident too! Sitting in the power is simply sitting in quiet meditation with the intent to connect to the presence of your Creator. 

Every morning, in meditation, invited my guide and my Creator to join me as I sat quietly. Unbeknownst to me, magic was occurring during this time. I began to become more in touch with my own soul, my own spirit. Getting to know my own soul’s true expressions, was building, strengthening my own spiritual power, aura, energy, and awareness. I also began to form a strong bond with my guide.

Becoming stronger in those three areas created a wonderful foundation for learning how to become a medium and psychic. My clairvoyance was opening more each day and my clairsentience and claircognizance were opening more as well. 

This was wonderful because these three clairs are what we use when working psychically. Developing these three clairs on a psychic level is crucial for learning how to become a medium. Your mediumship development can only go so far if you have not taken the time to develop them fully on a psychic level. 

How To Become A Medium By Finding Your Soul's Expression

While I was working on opening and developing these three parts of my soul’s expression, I increasingly became aware of the spirit world moving in and out of my auric field. I quickly learned when they were on my left, or my right or behind me. Then I began to sense male or female and finally, I began to sense who they were and what they were communicating to me.

All of this was able to happen through the building of my own power, learning how to sense the spirit world through my auric field, and learning to trust my soul. This is a critical stage of learning how to become a medium. If you skip it, your mediumship development will only go so far.

Learning about your true soul’s expression is important because that is exactly what you do when you work psychically or mediumistically. As a psychic, you connect to the soul of your sitter. You move into their soul to discover who they truly are and what their purpose is in this lifetime. If you have not learned to do this for yourself, how can you expect to do it for your sitter?

The same is true for working with the spirit world. We want to give practical evidence of our spirit communicator. It is the practical evidence that can seal the deal of exactly who we are communicating with and what kind of life they lived here. But it is the essence of the communicator's soul that will connect with the sitter the most.

When you touch upon their true essence, you allow for the opportunity of the sitter to feel their loved one as if they are sitting right there next to them. This is often when healing takes place between the two worlds.

Wobbles in our development

Early I mentioned wobbles in our development is linked to our soul’s expression. When I was being taught how to become a medium at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England I would ask my tutors on every course why my mediumship could not move past certain stages. Their answers were always the same, "You need to work on your soul’s expression more or do more inner work."

It was frustrating. I thought I had done enough of that. Apparently, I had not. What I learned was the reason why I had hurdles to overcome was that there was a space within my soul that I had not touched yet. I needed to allow that aspect of my soul to rise. 

Whatever aspect that may have been, discovering it was the key to move to the next step in my development. A medium’s work is never done.  Truth. Think of wobbles as a sign you have something within your soul yet to be discovered by you. Go within and release that expression to move your development forward. Truthfully, I think we will always be discovering new aspects of our soul.

Whether you are learning how to become a medium, a psychic, or both understanding your soul’s true expression is the pathway to doing your best work.  I encourage you to take the time to do the inner work, learn about you, and allow your light to shine bright. 

Guest post by Kay Reynolds

Kay Reynolds

Kay Reynolds is a medium and author of a #1 Best Seller on Amazon The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for Developing Mediumship.

Kay studied extensively at the Arthur Findlay College: The World's Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences under some of the best mediums of today.

She conducts workshops and circles, online and in-person, and is a public speaker.

She can be found on her website, Facebook, YouTube and other social media outlets.

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