How To Develop Your Intuition In 10 Minutes!

by Danielle England
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

Wow, ten minutes, are you serious? Yes, it truly takes ten minutes to begin really opening up to the energies and spirits around you that want to talk to you, and give you helpful information, to ease your journey in life. Now don’t let me mislead you. You will have to work on this, and dedicate time, to really own these skills, but it truly just takes ten minutes to go inward and get to that deep place within you, to talk to your guides and gain insight to help you in your daily life.

It has been nearly twenty years that I have been working on my own intuition and believe me, this has been an up and down process. There have been times that I’ve felt blocked. I would sit down to go inward and nothing. Complete and utter frustration was the only thing I would experience, but there have also been times when I would receive information that changed my life, and I would see animal totems, speak to beautiful guides that would give me answers to issues, I could not figure out on my own and eventually gain insight into other people and their situations. It has been quite a journey, but a magnificent one, that has taken me to the brightest parts within my soul, along with some of the darkest shadows that have to be experienced within my self. Many people do not talk about the dark side of intuition, or inner transformation. Many people get on the light trip and feel that being intuitive and spiritual is about being open, positive and not having one negative thought. Floating on a cloud and feeling the oneness does come in, at the beginning, it is like a high that you are always chasing, but it does not last. Daily life, work, your partner, problems and stress will pop this candy coated feeling right back down into reality.

Well that sucks, right? No, life is about balance and our spirit guides are here to help. They know us deeper than we know our selves because they can access our higher self and help us to gain truth about our own journey and help us see the signs to make it easier for us to make important decisions. We have all felt that feeling of being stuck, lost or blocked. How do I move passed this? This is where developing your intuition will be very useful to you.

Here are a few ways that you can develop your intuition in ten minutes.

1. Sit down in a quiet place, without distraction and quiet the mind, close your eyes. This is not meditation, rather it is a way for you just to sit with yourself. Take a deep breath in, then out and repeat four times. Breathe. Allow your thoughts to flow in and then out and focus your energy on your heart center. This is the seat of the soul, and where our truth shines through. Practicing sitting is a great technique that will help you to become one with yourself, to observe what is going on within you. You will be amazed at how clear you feel by doing this for ten minutes a day and insights will start to come in, pay attention to any sounds, visions, smells or feelings that you receive.

2. One of my favorite techniques is asking your guides for signs. Many people say I ask for signs and I don’t get them. Well the truth be told, you are not creating the proper language to talk to your guides. You have to direct them. You have to give them the information to properly receive the insight. For example, when I need an answer to something that is bothering me and I am not getting insight I tell my guides. Show me three yellow cars today, if this will happen for me, or I will say if I am supposed to do this, please show me three yellow cars today. I have been using this fun trick for years, and it works. There is nothing more inspiring for me then seeing the three yellow cars. They truly are listening and responding and they are always right. The situation I desired did manifest, and I did receive the signs. I have even done this with purple and pink cars, which you do not see very often, and those cars still appeared. You don’t have to use cars. You can use anything that makes sense to you, but try to play with it and have fun.

3. Playing the yes and no game. This is a great technique to open your third eye, which focuses on clairvoyance, which is clear sight. Sit down and close your eyes. Bring your awareness into your third eye chakra. Now that you are relaxed, ask a question, anything that is yes or no. “Will I get the job at this place?” “Will I get the loan for the house?” These are great examples and you can choose anything that pertains to your situation. You will begin to see in your minds eye, yes or no, or N or Y. Make sure you are asking questions that you can prove. This is where it become amazing and builds confidence for you, that you are connecting to your guides and the higher consciousness, that is available to all of us. Be patient with this process, it may take time to develop.

These techniques will help you get started on your own intuitive journey and you will begin to build a foundation that will build trust and a good link for you and your own guides, to help you move forward in your life.

My name is Danielle England, co-owner of Spirit Guide Services, located in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a Certified Professional Psychic Medium and Intuitive Reader.

I have been reading clients for over twenty years and helping them to gain insight and understanding into their lives and connecting with their loved ones on the other side. I have done many lectures on opening up your intuition and teach classes on this topic. I perform readings globally, face to face, over Skype and by phone.

You can reach me through my website at

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