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I Found my Aunt in a Vision

by Frankie

My Love, My Savor, My Everything. Thank you.

My Love, My Savor, My Everything. Thank you.

It started like this on Saturday night "Dec 1 2007" at around 5:00pm. My aunt came and visited me and my cousin, (She is my cousin’s mom). Well Saturday around 6pm that night they haven't heard nothing from her. Well Sunday everyone kept asking everyone if they heard anything about her - "nothing". So sometime on Sunday they reported her missing. Some people didn't know what to expect, other than just thinking she was just hiding out. By Monday no one had heard anything and when I was online talking to my cousin and we got into the conversation about how she went and seen her sister ("my aunts"). Then I had this weird feeling; I don't know how to explain it, but I just grabbed my CROSS & GUARDIAN ANGEL candle, you know my own things I use.

I sat in the dark with my candles burning and went into the spirit world and I saw where my aunt was at. Well I could see she was near a big lake and surrounded by woods. I watched her take the pills and soon as she did she looked at me and smiled and told me to tell everyone she loved them.

I did this reading between 2-4pm on Dec 3 2007. Then my mom came home I asked her if they had found my aunt (her sister) yet. She said no. So I said “mom tell the cops to look around lakes, she’s parked there and overdosed and she’s dead.”.

My mom called the cops and Tuesday Dec 4 2007 and they found her by the lake, parked and overdosed and dead. But at the time in my readings the day before I wasn't sure which lake it was because I couldn't tell in my readings, but when I found out where it was, it was where I seen it in the readings.

That’s my crazy reading. I won’t go into detail how I did this reading or how it made me feel. It was a crazy experience I will tell you that. But if it's my gift I thank you JESUS-GOD-MOTHER-MARY-FAMILY love you all. In name JESUS AMEN.


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Jul 24, 2008
by: Anonymous

That was a good story. I'm sorry to hear about the person but if you train yourself then you will be able to sense over a distance.

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