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Indigo Realizations - Stories Of The Awakenings

If you have had your own Indigo Realizations here are a few thoughts that might bring you joy:

  • You are part of a bigger picture: Indigo people are here to help the world transition into a new state of consciousness. This can provide a strong sense of purpose and direction.

  • You possess unique talents and abilities: While these can sometimes make you feel different or misunderstood, they're also what make you special. Embrace your talents, and find joy in the unique perspective they provide.

  • Your sensitivity is a gift: While heightened sensitivity can sometimes be challenging, it also allows for deep empathy, intuitive understanding, and intense experiences of beauty, joy, and love.

  • You're not alone: Knowing you're an indigo person connects you to a community of people who share similar experiences. This can provide a sense of belonging and understanding.

  • You have the ability to foster change: Indigo people are characterized as being innovative and forward-thinking. You can take joy in the fact that you have the potential to make a positive difference in the world.

Remember, everyone's experience of their identity is unique, and it's important to find the aspects that bring you joy and fulfillment. Identifying as an "indigo person" should provide you with a sense of purpose and understanding, embrace that, and use it to foster positivity in your life and the lives of those around you.

Within the fabric of the cosmic weave, Indigo souls, in life's grand tapestry believe. Born to illuminate, a sacred flame, In the universe’s harmonious name.

Our talents, a beacon of spectral light, Guiding us through the deepest night. Uniquely brilliant, like stars afar, We shine luminous, as we are.

A gift we bear, sensitivity profound, Echoing the universe's melodious sound. With empathy deep as the ocean's blues, We feel joy and pain in all life's hues.

We're not alone on this splendid ride, For indigo hearts beat unified. In our shared journey, we find connection, A celestial kinship, cosmic affection.

Champions of change, in the world we sow, Seeds of hope, watch as they grow. In each kind act, in each brave word, A brighter tomorrow is being heard. So remember, dear indigo, take delight,

In your purpose, your gift, your radiant light. For you are a star, born to refine, The beautiful mystery of the cosmic design.

Shared Realizations Of Indigo People

When Were Your Indigo Realizations Awakened?

My Indigo Realizations - by Christian (Springfield, MO)

Hi, I have recently discovered the being known as an Indigo person. I have done a little research on the topic and have found I fit all of the "characteristics of indigo people". 

What I want to know is:

  • What is our purpose?
  • Why are we here to help, if I have no idea what to do?
  • What makes an indigo child different from the rest of society today?
  • AND the most important one for me is how are you sure that you are an Indigo Child?

I'm quite confident in my Indigo realizations that I'm here to help and change this world for the better, and in the process making myself a better person. If anyone could answer my questions it would help me out a lot.

Re: Your Indigo Realizations - by: Anja
Christian, you have all of the answers you need already inside of you, so i'd advise you to listen to your intuition, Higher self, your guides...those sources of information will never mislead you. If i give you any answers of my own, you have to acknowledge that, they are based on my point of view and may be different from yours, or not. So always listen to yourself first and research on your own. This world is based on opinions, yet the Truth is hidden in the plain sight. And it's up to us to discover it and wake up others.

Time For Indigos - by: Anonymous
Your purpose is to do what's right and show to other blind humans who cannot stand for themselves. We need to show the older generation how it should be done. And we need to come up with ways to do it so we will not get shot by evil minded non indigo people. I'm tired of how things are getting done all around the world. It's our time now or never!

Indigo Realizations - by Nintika (Surrey BC Canada)

by Nintika (Surrey BC Canada)

Growing up, I had a very tough childhood, I was always treated very differently from friends, school, and within my own own parents especially my mom up till now still does not understand me...

I can look at someone and know what their true nature is all about... If I'm around someone with a positive energy and good intentions, I can usually read their energy and tell them things or describe people to them that are close to them.

I have a sense of a close relationship with God... I feel like he can hear me and listen to me, he is the only one who actually understands me, the tough part is, he's not here for us to hug or hold when we're sad and we need someone as comforting and real as God, it's hard for us to find people that good hearted...

I have had out of body experiences, (O.B.E.) and just a few days ago, I had gone to visit the moon, which had another moon right beside the actual moon, and before I knew it, I was out in space starring at our planet earth as if I was not on earth at all... I woke up crying because I was so overwhelmed, but I knew this dream had some sort of spiritually positive meaning.

I cry a lot, my soul cries a lot, I don't know why, I am very frustrated with the world, government, and I'm sure you have heard of "Big Brother Watching you", the idea that a group of humans want to have some sort of control over the world is insane. This is God's world and we are all his children...we all deserve to live freely and all live great fortunate lives, but this gets taken away from us due to higher power in our social world.

Indigo children and adults who are told they are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are being lied to. This is a way for the government to take our spiritual power away and no parents should give their child's divine rights away.

The GOVERNMENT IS SCARED, THE CORRUPTED PEOPLE IN HIGH POWER ARE VERY SCARED OF US. They know we are here by God 's will and to make a difference in the world, and as soon as they hear about an Indigo child, they classify us with disabilities only because they know what we are truly capable of.

I have a message for all Indigo children or adults who feel like they have no one who understands them, not even their friends or family... listen, I’m with you. All of us with these Indigo realizations may not be born in the same house, but we truly are the real brothers and sisters, and our father is our god. We just have to find each other and not lose hope...don't feel alone, it’s okay....just remember we are all here but apart from each other trying to make the world understand what Integrity is, the true meaning of religion, the universal and philosophical way of religion and life.

God bless and continue to find out more about spirituality, god, and everything related to these topics, it will only make me more confident, strong and a better friend of god than ever. What's more amazing than being his right hand man or woman? What more could we want from this world? So accept what god has given us, he's created us all differently and our job is to make our choices accordingly, some people don't make as good decisions as Indigos for example, so we have to be the ones to speak on God's behalf and have them change to what God wants them to be or has made them to be, and that is the best soul and the best person ever.

We all have it in us... I love you and your Indigo realizations ....and God bless to all of you :)

Indigo Joy - by: Ernest Pope.
I love all of my brothers and sisters of faith in god. Thank you for bringing me and excepting my place in this world and universe. I........ Feel... All of the love of my indigo brothers and sisters. Pray for strength for me to overcome my fears of never being able to hug my father again. And feed me joy when I dance and worship to him. Thank you God bless

My Indigo View - by: Rob Lawson (Parry Sound, Canada)
Yes Indigo realizations are spiritual, but not necessarily religious. Religions were created for control. There is a 'supreme being' but church isn't a part of it. We are awakening, its up to us to see it, and take it for what its worth. If we cant work together, for each other, and carry on, then this transition is useless. WE MUST WORK TOGETHER, for our own survival.

We can change this - by: Mena
It is all true and I am with you but WE can change this if we all try to get rid of the money. God did not make money when he made the world and money is the reason of all the bad things in the world. Each person have gifts, passions, skills...we can pay by using them. This is how it naturally should be and then will be just peace on Earth instead of the fight for power, control and money. Love & Light, Mena

Coping With My Indigo Realizations

Coping With Being An Indigo – My Indigo Realizations.

- by Shelly (Newberg, Oregon, USA)

My earliest Indigo realizations are of me feeling I was an old soul and that I had only come into this incarnation for a very specific and important reason. I was wise beyond my years and had psychic abilities. This made many people uncomfortable around me. I grew up not having many friends which really didn’t bother me since I had tons of spirit friends who I communicated with regularly at my grandparents’ house. Of course my grandparents still shock it off as me having an over active imagination. It was hard living in a predominantly Christian town, a small one at that. I always have felt like an outsider, like an alien.

I had a lot of strange experiences growing up but for some reason I don’t experience them so much now. There were many times I'd wake up and fall down on my bed (I'd be floating), or I'd move something telekinetically (make pictures fall, shatter glasses, roll my pencil, etc) I realized early on that I could read into people. I could read their thoughts. I saw their inner motivations, easily knowing if they were lying, or what their fears were etc.

I have always had pagan beliefs even though I knew no pagans personally. I hadn’t heard anything about being Pagan beyond the general slander the church gives. In fact I was raised and baptized Catholic. Yet I always knew I didn’t belong and questioned this faith to the point that I got kicked out of Sunday school. This feeling of separateness and that things weren’t quite the way today's society wants us to believe drove me into a life long search into the unexplained, ghost, angels, religions, mythology, archaeology, reincarnation, who I am and why I am here.

My sophomore year of high school became a turning point for me. I was sitting in my world history class watching this old black and white film of pre world-war-two Germany. This moment changed my life forever. I started crying, and making comments like where is this building, that church wasn’t there, oh God look what happened to so-and-so's house. The whole class thought I had lost my mind. But my teacher actually looked into what I had said. While he was doing this, I started having recurring dreams which I quickly realized was a past life. My teacher came back to me a few months later and told me that some of what I said he could find and that there was a slim chance that I could’ve known about it before. He couldn’t explain it but supported my belief.

In my junior year I got into self hypnosis, angels, ghosts, reincarnation, and this is when I got tarot cards; something connected and I knew I was on the right path. When I was nineteen, I decided after watching the craft that I was destined to be a witch. I picked up a couple of DJ Conway books and the rest is history.

I've had a few other experiences since childhood. But most puzzle me or are deeply personal so I don’t wish to share them here. For so long I felt like I had something to prove or that I needed to find a teacher and get initiated. Right now I’m pretty happy doing it alone and take my curiosity where it leads me. It’s been a fun and interesting journey of indigo realizations.

Until recently have I realized that I’m not alone and there are many indigo people like myself out there; which is a comforting thought.

Incredible Indigo Realizations - by: Anonymous
It is unbelievable how much I relate to these stories. Mythology was always an important part of growing up and I always felt connected with something far older, with some inner meaning to knowledge...hard to describe. I am glad to be able to read it here, and finally feel like I am amongst peers. :)

Loving Indigo Adult - by: SUE
Hi Shelly. You are a beautiful soul, I am an indigo adult. All my life I have known I was different too. I believe there is always a divine purpose. Always look for the positive in all things. I am also a grand mother, I have 7 grand children, I watch to see if my grand children are indigo. it's hard to tell people what you're looking for, they just laugh it off, but that is OK. Four of my grand children live in Oregon. I don't get to see them too often, they are coming out in November, they are going to stay at the Disney Hotel, I'm so excited, all the best to you. - Love Sue

Shared Indigo Realizations

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