Interpretations of Dreams
with Zombies

Continuing our series of free interpretations of dreams

With this dream sent in by Daniel of Champaign USA (Name changed for anonymity).

Daniel writes ... I’d like your interpretations of dreams about zombies and the other dream symbols in these two connected dreams.

I'm in a room with 2 other people and I can't remember who they are. There are 3 doors in the room, and a large window about 15 feet in the air. I hear slow, creepy footsteps coming close to one of the doors. I open the door and it’s a foul looking zombie dude. I ask, "What’s up? What’s wrong? What are you doing?" as the zombie dude slowly walks towards me.

He tries to grab me and I throw him against the wall. As soon as I do that, the other 2 doors open up and a mass of zombies pour in. As that happens, a sturdy, heavy set, man jumps through the glass window with a sledge hammer and starts smashing the zombies. He tells us to go down the stairs and hands me a note. We never see him again.

Downstairs consists of a hallway that is approximately 300 feet long with a fast flowing stream on the side. We get to the end of the hallway and I look at the note. It’s an "all weapons" code from a videogame. I do it, we start shooting the zombies and having a blast but then we realize that they are still coming faster than we are getting rid of them so we have to jump into the stream..... I don’t remember much after that except that I meet the girl of my dreams.

She was beautiful. I don’t remember anything about her except that I loved her and I just met her that same day. She was tanned with dark brown hair, black tank top and grey sweat pants, sleepwear... then she turns into a zombie I remember, and I end up killing her...


I wake up and get a large glass of water, chug it, and go back to bed within 3 minutes.

When I start dreaming again, it is 6 months after the incident and I haven’t told anybody about what had happened with the zombies or anything... I don’t know why. I’m in my hometown (where I still live) and I’m over at my buddy’s house. I’ve known him for about 8 years now, we are real good friends. We are just hanging out until I start to get a familiar eerie feeling; we go outside and look around.

EVERYBODY is outside in there driveways, frantically loading as much as they can into their vehicles. We ask one of the people what’s going on. “Didn’t you hear? The president has been all over the TV telling everyone in Champaign (my town) to rush to Chicago URGENTLY and that the “Virginia incident” was coming.” (My first dream was in Virginia at the incident...random).

My buddy looks at me and tells me it’s time to ride. I look at him and tell him how I was actually in Virginia during the incident and that for some reason; I don’t think that we should go. In fact, I’ve got a real bad feeling about everyone leaving. I notice looking at one of the main, four lane streets in my town. The two lanes heading north to the interstate are full blown stop-go traffic while the other two are dead ... I don’t remember much right here... but then I’m in a huge mass of people, crowded, New York City at 5pm type of crowded.

People have left their cars, but no one is running, just walking steady, could be hundreds of people. I’m by myself now and I’m walking with the crowd of people, out of my peripheral vision I SLIGHTLY notice someone walk by me going the opposite way. I didn’t turn. Then, I see this teenage Native American boy, about 18-19 years old. He is wearing traditional style pants and moccasins from back in the day, but is covered from waist up in red/pink war paint. He had shoulder length straight black hair with a very feminine looking face. He had his arm up and was yelling, "GRANDPA" and then started speaking some kind of native talk. I looked to where he was yelling and saw the back of the person, long black hair, very tall 6'7-6'8... I remember wondering why they were walking the other way, and feeling like I should probably go with them...

I woke up anxious and wanting your interpretations of dreams.....

Interpretations of Dreams

Hi Daniel, 

First part - Interpretations of dreams early in the night often relate to the past and the present whilst the meaning of dreams in the morning can relate to the future. Things coming toward you indicate events in the near future.

This dream starts off with the room with the 3 doors. My interpretations of dreams of your three doors suggest Mental, Emotional, and Physical significance.

Through one of the doors something nasty appears (a Zombie) which you attack. This can mean on some level you are beating yourself up. Take a look at your habits; are you smoking and drinking too much or abusing your health in any way, shape or form?

A sturdy man comes in and fights for your cause. Meaning your body can be extremely resilient. This looks like the cells beating off a virus. He gives you the note- it tells you about the weapons code, now it’s more like a game and the dream meaning here is testing your own mental and physical abilities, sharpening your wits and playing mental games.

Interpretations of dreams having a long hallway can literally mean a long haul. This can mean that you have a long way to go, through many changes and stages. The meaning of dreams with the fast flowing stream is to do with emotions, the uncontrolled feelings pouring forward and out on everyone in its path. This can imply that you are getting carried away by emotions and need to be more in more control. Meeting the girl of your dreams indicates creativity and the spirit wanting to move forward but she changes and you kill her off- this again indicates elimination and suggests you are blocking your creativity. Face anything you do not want to do, which needs doing and do it.

Second part - It is now 6 months later- you have gone into your own future.

Your hometown can be a positive or negative symbol of dreams, depending what your experiences are there. Your friend is an aspect of yourself, your intuition as you tell him you’ve got a bad feeling about going. Interpretations of dreams of the people moving indicate leaving old concepts behind you and if you got a bad feeling about going, could mean you are trying to hold onto bad habits.

Interpretations of dreams of the crowded roads symbolize - the way of the crowd, copy cats, the easy way out “everybody does it”. The native with the war paint is a symbol that relates to your own destructive urges, no wonder you woke up anxious!

Celeste Minerva

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