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Japanese waltz with death

by Phoenixseer

Japanese waltz with death

Looking into the heart of the Japanese is not easy but when you do you find a country whose first waltz with radiation burnt out the mythological centre of the country.

So what is the cause of this second tragic catastrophe?

There are two reasons:

The first is that angered by the damage wrought by the nuclear bombs the Japanese sought to show that they could tame the beast. Thus the gods repay this act of hubris.

The second is more insidious but there was a faction hidden deep within the Japanese who wished to build nuclear weapons. This thought had taken the first steps into reality. Thus the Japanese were also again punished for what lies in their hearts. Fear and humiliation drive this process.

Naturally the overlay of human tragedy distracts from this type of analysis but these are the facts acknowledged by those who see.

There is no more to be said – because actions and intentions carry more power than the yapping of the media.

In my next post I will look at why Barack Obama is the single biggest danger to the west.

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