Jonathan Cainers Horoscope

Jonathan Cainers Horoscope is consistently accurate, constantly entertaining, and romantically revealing according to these seven astrology junkies. 

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They are saying “I want to read my daily horoscope from Cainer because I find my lucky days, seek career path adjustments, just for curiosity, to find out if astrology is real not fake for me, to get financial insights, to help in my astrological education, for daily guidance, and to read deeper into the forecast to discover hidden answers.”

(From Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia) Jonathan Cainer was born on the 18 December 1957 in Surbiton, London, England and is a British Sun-sign Astrologer.

He started his first Astrology column in the magazine Today in March 1986-1992. He worked at the Daily Mail for seven years 1992-1999. He then worked for the Daily Express in 2000. He then left and joined The Mirror from 2001-2004 but returned to the Daily Mail where he still writes their Astrology column. He writes over twenty-five thousand words a week. He is the father to six children.

So if you are wondering “Why would I turn to Jonathan Cainer to Read My Daily Horoscope” perhaps these 7 answers will give you good reason too! 

7 great reasons to read Jonathan Cainers Horoscope today!

  1. Romance is my #1 reason. I turned to Jonathan Cainers Horoscope to read about love. He picked when my bad relationship was ending and revealed the type of event at which I would meet my match. (Mary)
  2. I read my daily horoscope for entertainment purposes really. I find it such fun each morning to get a snippet of insight for the day ahead. But when I want the accuracy of professional astrology readers I go here. (Matilda) 
  3. I read my daily horoscope every day to help me sharpen my skills on the zodiacs. I'm planning to do some charts soon. (Tamara)
  4. I'm a bit of a skeptic and I read my daily horoscope randomly to try and prove it’s real or fake. Results are leaning to REAL! (Brian)
  5. Because I’m bored silly I’m curious to read my daily horoscope. (Megumi)
  6. I’m ready for a new job and I read my daily horoscope for career predictions. (Mathew)
  7. I just want to read my horoscope each day to pick out days for luck. (Update) I got a $300 lotto win recently because I played on a lucky day. Isabella)

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