Kate Settels - Psychic Medium - Dealing With the Dead

by Kate Settels
(Tustin, CA)

Me and my sweetie at the symphony

Me and my sweetie at the symphony

I am a fourth generation psychic-medium who ironically was adopted and did not grow up with my birth family which held the spiritual gifts. I have however been involved with the paranormal and supernatural realms since the age of two.

I guess I stood in all the lines to receive all the gifts. My strongest gifts are in mediumship and discernment. I have worked in clearing haunted places and have also cleaned up of the dirty work of dabblers.

Recently though I have started to focus more on my psychic abilities as a reader in order to help others. As an empath I feel as though I cannot depart this planet until I fulfill all that I was put on this earth to do. Helping others and nurturing comes naturally to me. I wish to develop my skills in all areas and connect with my fellow human beings.

So here I am, finally committing to this beautiful and strange journey into the other realms as a career. I'm sure my other careers as an artist and writer will benefit greatly from this growth and involvement.

To those that are reading this thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

All the best,


For a personal and private reading you may contact me at (714)731-3249 or ksettels@yahoo.com and I will arrange a time to speak to you.

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