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Kristy Robinett

by Pippa

First of all . . .

I had a reading a year ago for the first time and it was after my Great Uncle had passed away and his wife, my Great Aunt, was still alive. Kristy was so incredibly accurate with how he died and she said that my Great Uncle is by my Aunt's side and he is waiting for her . . . she told me that my Aunt was really ill but I refused to believe it. I went to England a short time after and visited my Aunt (she had bumped her head and ended up going to the hospital) so we spoke to her Doctor who informed us that she was indeed very ill with cancer - Kristy was 100% right!!!! My Aunt told me that she did feel my Uncle around her and I cherish spending her last birthday with her and talking about her wonderful memories!!! Now I know that they are together again and that brings me peace!

Then Kristy also told me that I am torn between living in England and here in California and she couldn't have known that at all!!! She told me about being a ghost magnet (which I am and have been told by other psychics) she really gave me a lot of information which has really helped me see clearly where my life is going and I am thrilled!!!

Thanks so much Kristy for helping me to see clearly and to not put my life on hold anymore!!



Lots of love,


Thank you so much for sharing your gift Kristy!

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