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The Legend Of Lake Titicaca Reveals A Gateway To The Gods

A legend of Lake Titicaca refers to the surrounding ancient sites as ‘Gateways to the Gods’. Maybe the powerful vortex energy that pops in the atmosphere here snaps open your soul to let in divine light of understanding.

Yet another legend of Lake Titicaca describes the place as a portal between Heaven and Earth. Fact is, mere language cannot attest to its dazzling beauty and phenomenal power. Truly, one of those you’d-have-to-be-there type places, Titicaca deserves to be on everyone’s spiritual adventures bucket list.

Is Lake Titicaca Portal Between Heaven And Earth?

Sprawling between Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is over 3-million years old and one of around 20 ancient lakes remaining on the planet. 

Because Lake Titicaca is 2½ miles above sea level, its lofty location alone can create altered states of consciousness. Lake Titicaca, the largest energy vortex portal in South America, has been dubbed one of the most sacred and powerful places on Earth. It also represents the 2nd Earth chakra and resonates with our sacral chakra.

Yet another legend of Lake Titicaca reveals the ancient Lemurians lived here, in a land called OG (now Peru and Bolivia).

Hahaha, AI did not quite get this right. Ancient Lemurians In Lake Titicaca!Hahaha, AI did not quite get this right. "Ancient Lemurians In Lake Titicaca" - I laughed so much I just had to save and use it.

Brush With The Legend Of Lake Titicaca

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni, an obscure power spot, feeds feminine or yin energy into Lake Titicaca. Situated in far-flung south Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni contains the biggest, dried salt sea on Earth.

While Salar de Uyuni is a side-trip worth embarking on, it is not an easy ride. From Titicaca, it’s about a 12-hour journey, by of bus and then, SUV. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a world gone white.

This place of pristine energy serves to align your chakras and balance your auric fields. There are incredible sights to behold, such as a deserted hotel and a church, constructed of salt blocks.  

Beneath Mystic Lake Titicaca

In the ancient Quechua and Ayamara language, Titicaca translates to ‘Stone Puma’. The puma is sacred to the Andeans, as it symbolizes the female energy of the lake. 

Underneath Sacred Puma waters, in the shallow part of this lake, according to a legend of Lake Titicaca, is a city. In 2,000, remainders of an ancient temple and settlement were discovered on the lake bed. In the Atahuallpa 2000 underwater expedition divers found a 200-metre-long, 50-metre-wide holy temple, a terrace for crops, a pre-Incan road and an 800-metre-long containing wall at the bottom of the lake. Could these be Lemurian artifacts? If so, what happened to the Lemurian Golden Sun Disc, which was placed in Titicaca’s holy waters, near the ‘Island of the Sun’, shortly before MU sank?

Isla Del Sol

The largest, most significant island of Titicaca is the Island of the Sun. Originally, Lemurians conducted their mystery schools for priests here. It has served as a religious shrine, since 350 A.D. for the Incas. The ‘Rock Sanctuary’ signified the destination of the very important Incan pilgrimage to higher wisdom. Incan creation legends speak of ‘Creation Zero-Point’, where it is believed the Sun brought forth the first humans.

The 2nd Earth Chakra is on Lake Titicaca; its center is positioned on Isla Del Sol. Titicaca is considered one of two ultimate ley line intersections on the planet, as the Plumed Serpent and Rainbow Serpent intersect.  

Floating Islands – Islas Uros

Legends of the Uros people say they are older than the sun and populated the area prior to the Incas. That in the beginning, Uros were super-beings, who were “waterproof” and, therefore would not drown. However, having gone against universal sanction, by mixing with humans, they were relieved of their high status. 

Today the Uros tribe calls the floating islands on Lake Titicaca home. The islands are man-made from tortora reeds (type of cattail reed). One must-do before leaving the floating islands is to take a boat ride on a hand-crafted reed boat.

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