Levi Ormsby's Psychic Interview 

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Levi Ormsby describes how he first realized that he had psychic abilities.

In my opinion I believe I first realized that I had “psychic abilities” around the age of 12 or 13. I was easily able to feel the emotions, intentions, thoughts and general health/wellbeing of literally anyone I came into contact with. 

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I could also pick up colors around people’s bodies which could be termed an “aura” as well as communicate with those who have passed on mentally and feel the dead around me.

I’ve always been very sensitive to energy since a young age and very quickly realized that not everyone could see or feel what I did so I knew something was different about me, something that set me apart from others but would be a skill that I could hone, develop and increase the accuracy of all throughout my life. 

Levi Ormsby's Psychic Interview

Levi Ormsby shares why being a psychic so important to him.

I wouldn’t say that being psychic is important to me necessarily, just that I do feel that these skills and abilities I possess have guided me through my life to help me know who to trust, which decisions to make in my life to help me get what I need and also to help those in need to communicate with loved ones who have died and provide answers for them to their life concerns that perhaps they can’t see or observe easily for themselves. So in a way I feel that it is important to hone my skills and keep them sharp and as accurate as possible and I do feel that is very important if I want to have an extra edge to help myself and those that come to me for guidance. 

Levi describes his journey into the psychic world.

I believe my journey into the psychic world started not in any particular direction as most of my beginning knowledge and exploration began by studying website articles and books for information on how to do the things I already knew how to do instinctively. I was already a voracious reader with a never ending curiosity for information on tarot, channeling, mediumship, psychic readings, tarot cards, witchcraft, lucid dreaming, feng shui, energy manipulation, reflexology, psy research, remote viewing, etc. The list is always growing and developing into an exciting mixture of the study of consciousness and it’s effect on others and the external world and how modern science and physics is slowly confirming old wisdom. It is really an exciting time to know that science is beginning to confirm that the universe is much stranger and weirder than we can ever imagine and that it is not just a machine as newtonian physics postulates. It appears our universe is much more malleable than we ever thought possible and we may never know the full extent of what our minds and intentions are truly capable of changing and manipulating both within ourselves and the external reality we interact with on a regular basis. But then again, who gets to define what is reality and what is not? 

What spiritual skills does Levi Ormsby have?

I would say my spiritual skills are primarily and in no particular order Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Psychic Empathy, Witchcraft and Sorcery and Divination using Tarot, Runes, and Playing Card Cartomancy. 

What are Levi Ormsby's thoughts around everybody having a certain degree of psychic power?

In some ways i’ve come to believe that everyone has some degree of psychic ability. But I really think it comes down to the fact that some people have it beat out of them due to the influence of the time one lives in, the socio/cultural/religious environment one grows up in too. Some people are also frightened of being different or “gifted” and shut it down so that they can pursue “normal” lives, whatever that means. And there are some people who don’t appear to have any skill in the psychic arts in any degree. So honestly I don’t know if everyone has this ability but I currently feel that most do have some degree of skill and ignore it or shut it down or allow their environment and other people around them make those choices or decisions for them regarding the reality of psychic ability. However, my views are always subject to change and grow as I change and grow in wisdom. 

When does Levi Ormsby avoid telling people that he's psychic?

I usually avoid telling people I’m psychic about 99% of people I associate with on a regular or semi regular basis. I keep it to myself and only discuss things of this nature if I feel they are open to hearing it or it comes up in a discussion about my line of work or a casual conversation. I really try to avoid having these discussions as much as possible.

What do you most want the public to know about Levi Ormsby?

I would like the public to know that we are people too! We are subject to errors in accuracy and judgement and can be negatively affected by circumstances in life just like you. We can also tend to color our interpretations of psychic information based on our own life experiences and knowledge as well as judgements though I do try my best to be unbiased as possible. No expert in any field has a 100% accuracy rate with no failures and disappointments along the way, we are people who make mistakes and are sometimes just plain wrong! Yes we have “off” days and days where we literally cannot pick up anything from some people for any number of reasons known or unknown. And most of us don’t tune into people to spy on them or try to gather intuitive information without permission, that would be exhausting and in my opinion unethical and rude. I also believe that the psychic arts are as much art as it is science even if yet mostly undiscovered by science at this time so it’s not like we were born with an instruction manual, we have to learn, practice, study and make plenty of mistakes and failures along the way to become skilled or “experts” in our craft. But we never stop learning and improving!

What star sign is Levi Ormsby?

I am a capricorn. However, I was born 3 ½ months premature so you do the math. 

What is your general approach when you read for people?

The general approach I take when I read for other people tends to be blunt, down to earth, solution based and never sugar coated. I tend to get comments from most clients that I just tell it like it is, no punches pulled, no BS and usually tell my clients what they need to know and hear, never what they want to hear. I never cover a sensitive topic that clients don’t want information on and I respect that and I never sound as if i’m giving general advice that you might see in an inspirational quote or a Hallmark card. The harsh truth teller is what some consider me to be in approach but it does come from a genuine desire and place to help you to help yourself. 

What do you most want people to know about your services?

What I want people to know about my services despite my approach in reading people is that I truly come from a genuine desire to help people find answers and clarity in their lives so that they can improve their circumstances and move forward confidently without the need or desire to develop a codependent relationship with their reader. It’s my opinion that coming to me on a regular basis is alright on occasion but I try to steer my clients in a direction that enables them to help them help themselves both long and short term depending on their circumstances. 

How should new clients connect with Levi Ormsby?

Clients can get a hold of me and my various services in a number of ways. I usually prefer clients to contact me via email or phone (by text or call) in which I provide them links to all the sites I work on as well as a few limited social media accounts you can follow to access quick links to all my details so that way they can have a well rounded idea of who I am, how I work, pricing information and the specific services I offer.

Author - Levi Ormsby

Levi Ormsby

Levi Ormsby specializes in accurate predictive divination using Tarot, Playing Card Cartomancy, and Elder Futhark Runes.

In Levi's words - "There's no sugar coating here! I’m direct, straight to the point, and honest in what I see psychically in combination with my tools. I take a look at the energies surrounding you and your concerns and questions in current time and how events and circumstances are likely to play out based on the energy that surrounds you. From there I help you to become aware of what may lie ahead and what you can do to shift things in your favor by providing advice and potential solutions to your concerns. Through the use of my skills I try to help those who genuinely want to help themselves and use the insight provided in a reading to make informed positive choices geared towards personal improvement. I encourage my clients to know what their questions and concerns are before coming into a session with me, be specific". 

Email: theenlightenedone23 @ gmail.com

Phone: (+1) 541-280-8413  

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