Barbara Psychic Medium: The Spiritual Teacher Interviewed

When did it all start for Barbara Psychic Medium?

I first realized that I had psychic abilities when very young. This was in a very shocking way for me to find out. I realised that I was ‘different’ at a police station when I was 7 where I had to look at several photos of different men to see if I would recognise the man who showed his genitals to me and my girlfriend the day before, while we were walking home from school. I wasn’t aware back then that when I focus on someone or look at a photo, that I can read their energy, the blueprint of their soul and feel/see what their life is about. I was really focused because I was very serious about pointing out the right man.

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So I had a clear feeling with all this information about every man on every photo. I never felt so much darkness in a human being, in fact, I never knew until then that there was so much darkness and on top of that I could see what they did to young children. I never knew that something so evil existed in the world. I was in shock. My friend who had to look at the same pictures in another room didn’t see or feel anything. I really thought that she would feel and see the same things like I did but she didn’t. She was in a cheerful mood when we met outside while I was shaking like a leaf of all the darkness that I felt and saw in these photos. I started to feel very insecure about myself and wondered why my girlfriend didn’t experience anything? I thought there was something wrong with me, with my brain or that I made everything up. I didn’t tell anyone what had happened because I thought I was crazy. I had nightmares for months.

Psychic Being Interviewed About How She Became A Teacher Of Mediumship

The Importance Of Being Barbara Psychic Medium

It’s important being a psychic and spiritual medium to me for several reasons. I love to help people. Give them clarity, tools and insights. To be on earth in human form is a very interesting and positive experience for the soul but sometimes it can very difficult. Living on earth is like studying for a master diploma. So if I can help in any way, shape or form, I do it because it’s our birthright to have a good life.   

  • In my role of a psychic medium, connecting with deceased loved ones often gives comfort. Especially when someone died totally unexpected or committed suicide and left no such thing as a farewell letter or explanation why they did this. People who are left behind begin to blame themselves: ‘Could I have done something?’, ‘Why didn’t I see this coming?’, ‘What if I had talked to him or her more often, could I’ve prevented this?’ etc.

  • If the deceased loved one explains the main purposes for wanting to commit suicide, it can lift a huge weight from someones shoulders. People want good evidence that there really is some sort of higher realm of life after death. I think it’s very important to pass on the stronger messages with as many evidential details about the deceased loved one as possible, like their name, how they died etc. I love working together with the people who are ‘on the other side’.

When I was young it was a bit of a lonely journey. 

I loved to spend time alone with my guides and I never really felt the need to belong to a group. I remember driving people crazy with all the questions I had about the universe. My main question was: where do I come from? Everyone gave me the same answer: you come from your mother’s womb. And I always replied: Yes I know, but where do I come from? Of course I meant my soul, but I was to young to realize that. So I spend hours and hours in the town library to see if I could find the answer to this question. Somehow I was convinced that life on other planets knew the answer so I looked in books about UFOs but I never found the answer. My father took this very seriously and he explained to me everything about spirit guides when I was about eight or nine years old. We went for long walks through the woods and have talks about extrasensory perception, life after death, UFOs, otherworldly spirits, guides, the soul, past lives, soulmates and so on. Everything he said made sense to me. Growing older, I never thought about being a psychic. Yes, I always felt my spirit guides around me and they gave information, clarity and solutions when someone talked to me about a problem. But I had a ‘normal’ job until my early twenties. After I gave birth to my two sons (they were born within 2 years) my intuitive abilities increased enormously. And I felt that helping people and connect with the other side is what I love to do. This is why I wanted to be born again. This is my calling here on earth and I am so happy to be here.

Abilities Of Barbara Psychic Medium

I am a modern day psychic that means that I can see, hear, feel and smell with my sixth sense. My psychic mediumship means that I can communicate with the spiritual being of deceased people. I can look into a human or animal body and this is called a Medical Intuitive. When I give a reading I can hear myself talking from a distance, like I am standing somewhere else in the room and my guides take over. This clear hearing happens very soft and naturally. This is called Trance Mediumship or Channeling. I trust my Guides completely with the intricacies of the spirit world so the easy way is to surrender to my psychic intuition when they want to take over.

I don’t consider having psychic ability to be special. We are all born with these abilities. We are 10% our body & brain and 90% our soul. We often think that it’s the other way around. When you start to explore and connect with your soul on a regular basis, you will see that you are psychic too.

We all have this power. Some people don’t feel the need to explore this in this lifetime whilst others want to discover these power and connect with their guides. So from my point of view everyone has the same powers, it’s just a matter of how much do you want to connect with this part of yourself?

I always feel that I am part of a team: my spirit guides and I. And it’s just like a team sport: the team gets more and more attuned the longer they work together. So I know within seconds what they mean, what they want to say, when they want to take over etc. And I think it’s not that my wisdom increased: I started to remember more of the wisdom I have inside my soul. And this applies to everyone on earth. The more you dive into yourself, into your soul, the more you start to remember about the wisdom inside yourself. Our soul remembers every detail from every lifetime.

The Barbara Psychic Medium Interview

Most noteworthy personal metaphysical experience for Barbara Psychic Medium

That’s when I travel to my other lifetimes. Everything happens at the same time. In the Universe there is no past, present or future. We are living all of our lifetimes here on earth at the same time. I sit and look deep into my eyes in a mirror and I ‘travel’ to other lifetimes. I do this for example when I want clarity or information from my future self. I know this may sound a bit far-fetched for most people but like I said: we are 10% body and 90% soul, and our soul is capable of so many amazing things and this is just one of them. When we sleep, our soul travels also, but we hardly ever remember this when we wake up. I travel when I sleep and when I am awake. Everyone can do this. It’s so worthwhile to explore all the possibilities with your soul.

More about Barbara Psychic Medium

When do you avoid telling people that you're psychic?

  • When I am not in the mood to give a reading like when I am going out with friends or on holiday, because when I tell them what I do for a living 99% of the people ask: ‘What do you see about me in your crystal balls and tarot cards?’

When do you like to be very open about being a psychic?

  • When someone is truly interested about being psychic.

What star sign are you?

  • Virgo with ascendant and moon-sign in Taurus. This means I'm very down to earth (which is very helpful when you are psychic), practical, hardworking, trustworthy and detailed (and yes…like a real Virgo: often too critical about myself).

Consultations with Barbara Psychic Medium

What is your general approach when you read for people?

  • I am very aware that people can be very nervous when they get a reading, so I always start with breaking the ice, I make sure they feel comfortable and then I start the reading. I always want to start and share what the spirit guides want to say. This often this covers the many generic questions someone has ready. 

What can you share about your most fascinating reading to date?

  • For me, the most fascinating psychic readings are the readings when a deceased love one gives signs during the reading. Apart from the details they give about themselves as proof that they are really in the room, they sometimes give physical proof. I have nice fluffy pillows on my couch and one day during a psychic medium reading the white fluffy pillow had 3 hearts on it. I didn’t notice it right away, but I suddenly saw 2 hearts appearing on the pillow. Like someone was drawing them with their finger. The woman who I was giving a reading said: I want real proof that my mother is still with me. And minutes later I suddenly saw the two hearts appearing on that pillow right next to her. I told her and we were so flabbergasted and while we were looking, a third heart started to appear. We took photos of course and right after that, they vanished from the pillow. Other times I saw things starting to move on their own on the table. Often the photos or personal belongings of the deceased loved one that someone brings along to a reading. Or someone feels a really strong sensation on their head or shoulder, that someone is touching them. And I can see who is touching them. This can be a bit scary for the person sitting across from me but I love it that they can give such clear signs.

What do you most want people to know about your services?

  • That the information I give in my psychic work is very valuable, but that you always have to follow your own instinct. Take the information with you in the back of your head and live your life the way you feel is best. I have the rule that someone should not get a reading more than 2 times a year. Why? Because someone should not become dependent on a psychic and predictions. Then you are no longer in control of your own life and that’s not okay. My private readings cover what the future holds for the coming 8 to 10 years so there is no need to get a lot of readings because you will hear the exact same information every time and that’s a waste of your money. If there are suddenly lots of changes in certain areas of your life and you need my form of guidance to get some clarity about that situation, then it’s okay if you have a future reading about that certain subject. If you want me to return your ex-partner to you, please don’t contact me. But if you want to know if you will get back together and hear the explanation why you will get back together or, why you won’t get back together, then you can contact me. It makes no difference if I see you face to face or talk to you on the phone or give you an email reading. It's all about energy. I can give a mediumship reading by phone or email to people all over the world.

Barbara Psychic Medium

Barbara Psychic Medium

Barbara Bandel has been providing psychic mediumship for more than 25 years.

Barbara has had numerous appearances on TV and radio, to talk about this beautiful profession and to give live psychic readings.

Each week Barbara gives free psychic and mediumship readings for listeners worldwide on her BlogTalkRadio show.


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