A Teaching Psychic Medium
Talking About Afterlife and Spirit Guides

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As a teaching medium talking about afterlife and spirit guide communication, Spiritualism, plays a prominent role. Spiritualists regard mediumship as a gift from God and a legitimate means of communicating with our loved ones in the Afterlife. I wholeheartedly agree and have experienced this connection to the beyond many times firsthand - both in my personal life and in my mediumship work. Our spirit guides and angels are integral to mediumship, and Spiritualism gives us full guidance on how to communicate with our guides, departed loved ones, and angels. 

According to Spiritualism, spirit guides are people, who have previously inhabited the earth plane but who now reside in the Afterlife. Each has one or more tasks in helping us to live more fully and more spiritually. Think of your spirit guides as a team of helpers, whose task it is to help us win this often complicated game of life. There are many methods for communicating with our spirit guides, but I am an advocate for the "keep it simple" philosophy. 

A Teaching Psychic Medium Talking About Afterlife and Spirit GuidesA Medium Talking About Afterlife and Spirit Guides

In order to engage in mediumship, we must first know ourselves as much as possible: what our fears and anxieties are, how we react to life events both physically and emotionally, our goals and dreams--ideally, everything (to some degree--none of us are perfect). We must have an understanding of these factors because communication in mediumship is often quite subtle. Our spirit guides will often relay information to us through the language our own reactions, emotions and experiences. I notice this frequently in my mediumship work. My spirit guides will bring clients to me, whose life experiences and deceased loved ones remind me of my own. Usually this evokes some comparative emotional response from me. I can then attempt to render my emotional responses and experiences into something meaningful for the client. Mediums are more like interpreters than magicians: that is to say, we are not producing the information but are merely listening and paying attention to it, then reassembling it into the client's language. 

Spirits communicate not usually with words but via symbols, pictures, feelings and expressions--and often quite rapidly. It is not uncommon for me to begin speaking more quickly during a mediumship reading, sometimes struggling to keep up with the celerity of information given by my spirit guides. Often the top of my head or my shoulders will feel as though they are tingling, signaling to me that I am, in fact, receiving information from the Afterlife (and not merely making something up!).

So how does one communicate with one's spirit guides or loved ones in the Afterlife? It's actually much simpler than we tend to think. We do not actually require tools such as crystals, tarot cards or a crystal ball in order to do so, but sometimes these can be helpful for focusing our attention. Personally, I sit in silence for a period of time with my eyes closed, allowing whatever thoughts wish to enter my awareness to do so--without judging them. I pay attention to what I am sensing in my mind's eye and attempt to see as much detail as I can. I take notice of any feelings or smells I might suddenly feel as though I am experiencing. I endeavor as much as possible to use all of my senses--without physically using them. When we set a mental intention to receive communication from our spirit guides or angels and then trust that it will be so, all one needs to do is to trust the sensory information as it comes to us. This is mediumship, and this is an ability each of us possesses. Do not be afraid; our loved ones in the Afterlife and our spirit guides want to communicate with us.

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