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Mind's Eye Psychic Readings

by Tina
(Maribor, Slovenia)

Hi everyone! My name is Tina and I’m a psychic reader with seven years of experiences with Tarot and other tools of divination and fortune telling.

My purpose is to help people on different areas of their lives and I find out that my readings are very uplifting, honest, meaningful and the most importantly helpful on their paths.

I don't consider I have a unique gift from birth to help people, because I think that everybody has that gift in themselves. I like to help people discover that special gift in themselves! We Are all One, and only fears and limits separates us.

I found that out, through my life, when I was learning things about myself. Nature, plants and different tools have helped me to become who I am now and I am grateful that all experiences have given me the knowledge to help others.

I work with Vision Quest Tarot, Oracle Cards, Runes, Ancient Mayan Tz'ite Seeds and Healing Cards. I mostly use the Healing Cards from Ph.D. Chuck Spezzano. He is a psychologist with 30 years of experiences. These cards are really the most effective tool to discover hidden factors, which are preventing us to live our true life purpose and with this experiencing our innate potential of true love, success and joy.

It is only important to be in the state of Love, Happiness and Peace. In this state we can achieve everything we desire to.

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Much Love & Peace ॐ

~ Tina ~ Mind's Eye Readings

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