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Miss Judy Predictions

by M.W.
(Northwest ark.)

I met Miss Judy (as I lovingly call her), about four years ago. A friend at my job told me about her. My husband and I were having some problems, and he was having some health problems. Well the first thing Miss Judy told me was, my dead uncle was standing in the room with us and he told her to tell me something that I was embarrassed about and had told no one.

I was, to say the least, freaked. So then she proceeded to tell me that there were angels all around my house, another revelation, because the night before as I lay in my bed I had watched an angel stand beside my bed, I was amazed.

The reason, said Judy, there would be not one but three deaths close to me. A man that was like an uncle but he wasn't, my dad, and my husband. I have been to her at least once a year since and my uncle/family friend has passed, in exactly the manner Miss Judy told me, my dad is dying now in exactly the way she told, (an incident would take place that he would not recover from). And now I know that my husband will pass as well. Just the way she said.

She has been preparing me for these past four years, her predictions have not changed at all from the first time I saw her.

Am I scared? Yes but I have become closer to GOD, and I know He will see me through.

As a footnote God showed me years ago that I would have to go on without my husband while I was still young and Miss Judy just confirmed it.

Does anyone have a similar story to share with me? I would like to hear from you if you do. M.W.

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Mar 30, 2012
Miss Judy Experiences
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have any experinces like thiswith Miss Judy I'd like to hre from you if you have.

Jan 16, 2012
miss judy
by: Anonymous

as a footnote I would like to add that my wonderful father did pass away exactly as Mss Judy predicted. Love Dad.

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