More 2012 Celebrity Predictions and World Prophecies by Valerie Perez

by Psychic Valerie Perez


1.I know there has been talk about Jennifer Aniston adopting a child from Mexico. Well, my feeling it this. She will wait until the end of 2011 or 2012 to officially announce this. She will adopt one child then about a year or two later another child. I see two girls. She will make a great mom. She loves Mexico and will keep a second home or villa there. However, for those of you who are curious, I do not see Jennifer actually having a child of her own, The possibility exists, however to have a child in vitro. or by a surrogate. Although, I don't see this happening because she is such and evolved spirit and sees so many children need homes. So the answer is yes, she will be adopting!
2. Brad and Angelina will be together about another 6 years. I see the the split between them will not be officially announced and may take time to get into the tabloids.

3. Sandra Bullock will be in a new relationship towards the end of 2011, someone very caring and comforting. He will have light hair. Jesse her ex will try to worm his way back to Sandra, while still in his fabricated marriage. I see Sandra kicking him to the curb...More power to you Sandra!!!

4. Lisa Presley, will be again in the tabloids and may seek rehab -


1. I see peace coming to Egypt! this should happen in June or July of 2011. There will still be a little protesting but things should be much better by then.

2. More real alien sightings in 2011 but not many sightings in 2012. You will see more alien commercials, but not many alien films this year.

2. I see more storms/hurricanes coming in the Caribbean and possibly hitting Haiti. I see lots of political unrest world wide. More protests etc. I see another large protest coming possibly in Indonesia or China.

3. I also see a mild Earth Quake in Northern California Causing a hairline crack in the earth's surface, running through States North and East of California.

4. The earth's surface will start to have major cracks and dry out it certain parts of the USA. These will be large and very visible. Houses will also be effected in certain parts of the USA. These are simply earth changes reflected from the continued abuse.

5. I also see new airplane inventions and and increase in travel. Down side, one large plane crash possible. Airplane mechanics should thoroughly check there engines twice.


I do believe our best defense against these earth changes is simply using electric cars, even possibly hovercars in the future, growing our own food, thinking simple. It is no coincidence that we are having trouble getting oil from the middle east...oil companies are in trouble etc. These companies are not meant to be anymore....

Advice for stock market investers -
Good investments are:
Solar investments will drop!
Milk and Cheese industries will do well this year.
Gold will drop at the end of 2011 or first of 2012.

More coal and oil companies will continue to go bankrupt as companies that think green will expand.
- Literally we all need to come down to earth -
- Earth based religions will be the wave of the future -

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Dec 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

No more crimmals in a virgina location of USA, stealing from the wealthy to claim success in all endevores....Back to Class and Morality ... New income when the lying president from 2008 election leaves for the new generation of smart people who make the world run....Hrh Hsh Prince Harry and Hrh Prince Andrew bring back to England the crown by keeping the royal requirements .Since His majesty will be the King England KM Harry and his uncle Hrh Prince Andrew second .....New foods that help the body to heal from malnutrition....New medication for a ruined america ssn,ssi fraud.Closing all mental health for fraud.Wrongful diagnoss of mental health because of low income nurses and poor rapeing middleclass and white morderate workingclass of health in mind ,by making money of fausle information to hoodwrink them into mental institution,stealing ssn and idenity thief.Making fausle birth cetificates and bearing fausle idenity to being a lifestyle thier not....

Dec 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yeah, Katherine Middleton becoming the workingclass position to the birth life and joining her is her new workingclass mate with royal blood william Cornutty,due to the fact he is royal and married workingclass,William has to abicate for the love of Kate.I see William getting the royal dethronement with birth middle name and Winsor Mountbeccan remove off his name .His new name and title of life is workingclass military officer William Cornutty and Katherine middleton Cornutty...This will be how monarchy birth can prove for themselves true love works when they marry workingclass.....

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