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Mystical Portal Morgana

by Susan

Hi, I have been consulting with this wonderful Psychic for quite some time on Kasamba. She is not online that much, but, she does perform excellent email readings!!

She is so genuine in her abilities, and does refuse many people because of the nature of many questions.

She is highly ethical, and will always tell you things that makes your hair stand on end!

Her predictions are amazing, and she was a top reader for an older site for years; I do believe her.

When she reads for me she is telling me the story of what has occurred, etc. The information is highly personal, and not generic which could apply to anyone.

I really recommend this amazing Expert, and she is worth more than her email fees! She offers me discounts as a client in good standing, as well.

She always tells me not to wait to see her on live chat, because she prefers email readings.

Check out her reviews and comments! She is truly a hidden gem.

Find her on Kasamba and search name: Mystical Portal Morgana

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Jul 06, 2011
Where did she go?
by: DC

Hey, I am looking for this reader but can't find her on liveperson. Any idea where she went or how I can get in touch with her?


Jul 31, 2009
Read the Truth about Her on
by: Michael

I have had several email readings from the talented and gifted Professional over the last 4 years on Kasamba, now

She is very very accurate, and her timeframes are dead on! Many readers will not offer timing, but this Lady does because she has always been correct!

Mystical Portal Morgana has over 25 years of Experience, and is loaded with educational, transformational tools for clients.

She is a straight shooter, does not lie to clients, she has never mislead me, once!

If you can take the truth, good-bad-indifferent, please send her a email from her profile on LP.

She is not always available, I have sent professional people I know to her, and they have been very impressed with her as well.

Don't judged reader's only by the number of ratings they have. This Lady when you can get her online, not always live chat, just send her your first name, specific questions and date of birth. She takes off from there!!

I do not know her personally. If she can't help you she will tell you so, and not have you hire her, either.

She has many specialties and is also a Metaphysician. Highly recommend her!

Mar 23, 2008
OMG, She Predicted Up To 1 Year Ahead
by: Anonymous

I doubted this of course, but she was dead on!

Mar 23, 2008
Outstanding And Real!
by: Anonymous

Email her as I do, and she will reply. Truly the hidden gem on Kasamba/LiveAdvice!

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