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Natural Born Psychic

by Mary Moore
(Lexington, KY USA)

I’m a natural born psychic, and unless born this way be very careful about how you use it, because with me I can live my personal life but yet take in military, presidential, movie star lives, ghost babies that can’t talk but are in pain they come to me in dreams, astro projection, telepathy, reaching to the heaven and back, I see murders in dreams, robberies, and high up stuff, you have to be careful and be able to handle it. When it comes natural it’s a gift, and rolls off your back but if not it can drive people crazy. I tell people I will only let you know what god shows me which is a lot, but only through him is my gift and me, without my gift I wouldn’t exist it is who I am.

I talk to angels, and your eyes are the mirror to your soul, I am humble, god keeps me that way, if one calls a gift psychic I call it spiritual. I'm also had a dream that god said he was taking two at a time, and the heavens beamed down on me and the next day the earthquake hit japan, and I pick up on catastrophic events. My gift is a part of me, and I will tell every psychic out there make sure you can handle the truth.

Because if you go too far you can harm yourself, everyone is a little psychic but not everyone can open up to it using the larger part of their brain it can harm them if not careful. I also remember events before my birth and into the future, and I talked to middle eastern presidents in my dreams, and go to all these places and return. Yes the speed of light is also amazing. Just use a psychic gift or spiritual gift if you truly have one, good luck.

If you need a reading email me I will only tell you what I see.

Mary Moore

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