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An Encounter With A Ghost: The Psychic Junkie's Dream Come True

If you've always been fascinated by the supernatural and longed for an encounter with a ghost, consider yourself lucky if one actually manifests before you!

While a real ghost encounter may be unsettling for some, a true psychic junkie would view it as an incredible opportunity. Here are some tips to make the most of this extraordinary experience:

Positively Personal Ghost Encounters

What To Do With An Encounter With A Ghost

Stay Calm and Open-Minded
The first key is to remain composed. Your excitement is understandable, but panicking or acting frantic may disrupt the entity's presence. Take a few deep breaths and open your mind and senses to fully taking in this mystical moment.

Observe Attentively
Use all your senses to scrutinize every aspect of the ghostly apparition. Note its form, any sounds, temperatures, or sensations you detect. The more details you can memo, the more meaningful the encounter will be. Consider taking photographs or video, if possible, though the spirit may not show up in them.

Communicate Cautiously
As mind-blowing as it would be, don't immediately start asking a million questions. Let the spirit's energy harmonize with yours first. Then, you can carefully attempt communication. Speak slowly and offer greeting, stating you mean no harm. Ask who they are and what message they may have. Listen closely to any responses.

Stay Respectful
Remember, you are likely in the presence of a being that has transcended this physical plane. Treat the ghost and the situation with the utmost respect and humility it deserves. Avoid aggressive actions or language that could be seen as a threat.

Embrace the Meaning
A legitimate ghostly encounter is an experience most paranormal devotees can only dream of having. As unsettling as it may be, view it as a precious gift that hints at the greater mysteries that exist beyond our known reality. Cherish and contemplate the profundity of what has transpired.

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Guest Post Of An Encounter With A Ghost

Real Ghost Encounter Stories

 Each Time I Had An Encounter With A Ghost It Was Real And Evidential - by Mary Schmitt - USA

When I was just a baby my parents had told me that I looked at empty spaces laughing and giggling and pointing at nothing at all. When my great grandfather passed away my dad and mom heard bells and me talking or halfway talking to someone.

I used to sit on my great grandfather's lap when I was a toddler and play with a string of bells he had hung to the ceiling. When my parents came in my room (knowing I had nothing that sounded like a bell at all) they asked where the noise was coming from and who I was talking to. I told them, "I was playing on great-grandpa's lap with his bells." (Of course, it was more toddler talk so not so pronounced with the words, but this was the first time I had an encounter with a ghost).

When I was about eight years old, I started to see my body sleeping in my bed. I would go to the living room where the family was and I would listen to what they had to say while I was floating on the ceiling. It felt like I was flying. When I woke up, I would say word for word what they talked about and they were all in shock.

An encounter with a ghost happened again when, in the 1990’s, I woke up in the middle of the night to a very cold chill. There in front of my bed was my grandfather from California (I lived in Florida). He was waving and he came over to me and put his hand on my cheek and kissed me on the forehead. I walked into the living room and my dad and mom were still awake and looked at me and they said it looks as if you just seen a ghost. Before I could say anything, I just barely shook my head yes and then the phone rang. It was my grandmother in California calling to tell us that my grandfather had just passed away.

A few years later an encounter with a ghost occurred again, this time it was my Uncle Joey. Again, I got touched on the cheek and a kiss on the forehead. I walked in the living room to find my mom and dad awake and this time they said, “not again?” and I shook my head yes and the phone rang. It was my mom's mom calling to tell us that Uncle Joey had just passed away.

Another time i saw a real ghost and even heard it speak to me. I called my grandma on Christmas day and told her if she was holding on waiting for my grandfather to tell her it is okay to leave him, he is not going to but, if she needs to leave and we will be okay. My grandmother thanked me for giving her the freedom to pass on. On that New Year's Eve Night (same year) at 8:00pm central time I felt strongly that my grandmother had just passed away. I got home at around 4am and at 6am the phone rang. I already knew it was my mom calling me to tell me that my grandmother had passed away. I answered and told her everything and asked, "Mom, did she die at 9pm your time?" I could tell my mom was in shock because it took her a bit to answer me and she finally said “Yes, but how did you know?” I told her I felt it.

A couple of weeks after that I had just shut everything off in the house and went to bed. About a minute later the radio in my living room came on playing mine and my grandmother's favourite song. I called my mom crying telling her what just happened. My mom told me that grandma was just letting you know she is watching over you.

My mom had gotten cancer and in 2001. In July, two weeks after her birthday, I felt as if I was going to lose her soon, so I sat at my computer since she could no longer talk and typed up a poem. My dad called the same day I sent it and told me that she had passed away. I asked him to look at her computer and please tell me what he saw. He said it is a poem. He read it to himself and said this was the last thing she read before she passed. “You gave your grandmother peace to pass and now your mom. You have some wonderful gifts”.

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