Positive Motivation

by Lady Of Wisdom
(Philadelphia P.a)

Lady Of Wisdom/Desire'

Lady Of Wisdom/Desire'

I wanted to tell everyone how I began to give readings! I do some modeling, acting and singing also! I always had visions and was able to see a lot of incidents before they happened and it used to frighten me! I started opening up to "the still small voice “deep down inside known as "intuition”. It wasn't very easy, I used to struggle a lot with being unmotivated to do certain things, and then I struggled with not being able to pick positive association to "hang" around!

I often surrounded myself around people who were very envious, who just didn't want to see me accomplish anything! Who just didn't want to see me happy! There’s a scripture in the bible that quotes “bad association spoils useful habits". Meaning if you hang around negativity, you’re going to receive negativity and become "tainted”. When you hang around envious, "catty", negative people, you begin to feel hopeless and you lose your "spirit”. You begin to adapt to your surroundings which are those negative people's "energy"! Their energy began to basically suck the life out of you. Yes, I’m speaking the truth! I’m not saying that you shouldn't help others or you should be mean and judgmental. I definitely believe in helping, building others up and never passing judgment on anyone! Just watch who you associate with! Please just stay encouraged!

I came into God by completely opening up and "going deep within myself and asking God, what is my purpose"?

I was feeling very depressed and didn't want to live anymore! I was very unhappy! I never, ever mistreated anyone or wanted to see others miserable because I was! No, that never was me! I can honestly say that! I started just feeling God’s presence and love! Jesus appeared to me numerous times in "dreams”. I still wasn't really listening because I was still depressed! Then he appeared while I was awake! He appeared in a "vision"! That’s when I started to get myself together mentally and emotionally. That’s when I started to come out of the dark and my "vision"(clairvoyance) suddenly enhanced itself. Even though I had to struggle and lose people and things that I valued to get to that point! I found "God" and he'll never "forsake you"!I ended up giving clairvoyant, accurate readings to people at my regular 9a-5p jobs, and people who I met on modeling and acting "gigs".

I just wanted to share my story and open up to others who may be feeling depressed, lonely and feel that their life is just falling apart! Keep your head up! You’re only a failure if you give up and don't try!

I now have my own spiritual reading business."Christian Gifted Psychics" To obtain a clairvoyant, accurate reading by me! Please visit christiangiftedpsychics.web.officelive.com Or email me (ddesire@live.com)

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Mar 06, 2009
To Steph
by: Lady Of Wisdom

Hi, girl! Thanks for the positive feed back! I love Celestine Prophecies! Very powerful, spiritual knowledge and facts! Also Edgar Cayce, and Nostradamus are two of the greatest prophets (psychics) that ever lived!

Actually another powerful book to read is "Putting On The Mind Of Christ" by Jim Marion. It basically talks about "the inner work of a true Christian", focusing on love, faith, goodness and kindness! It's a must read book! Also "The Gift" by Echo Bodine. She teaches you about spiritual "gifts". How they come from God! That's another great book!

Continue to be encouraged and keep your head held up high! Always love yourself and value yourself because love is contagious!

Mar 06, 2009
I Think I've Known You
by: Anonymous

Girl, reading your post, I feel like I?ve known you for a longish time. I'm having some déjà-vu sort of thing that says, we (and others, yet to be discovered by me) are far apart, but have found each other, now what do we do? Wasn?t there a purpose here?? I am from Philly as well, but am living in Baltimore while I finish up school. Have you ever read the Celestine Prophecy? You should if you haven't. Very tired, going to go "dream" now...

Thanks for your story; I'm keeping my head up every moment.


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