Practical Ways To Reconnect To Source Energy

by KristyV
(Brisbane Australia)

KirstyV - Psychic and Counselor

KirstyV - Psychic and Counselor

There are many ways to connect to Source Energy. These easy, practical, physical ways are a great way to start to learn that you can direct how you feel.

When your energy feels ungrounded, spacey, and daydreamy:

Get out in the garden and weed. Put old, loose, baggy comfortable clothes on. Dig your feet into the earth. Dig your hands into the earth, work up as much sweat as possible as you go. If you don’t have a garden, go to your local nursery and buy a bag of fertilizer (organic fertilizer costs around $15), and seedlings of your choice. Punch up to 12 holes in the plastic of the fertilizer bag, and push your seedlings into these holes. There, garden made, it’s that easy! You can do this even in an apartment or unit, as the garden is self contained in its plastic fertilizer bag.

A wide leaf pot plant on your beside table works as well. Every time you feel spacey, put your feet and hands into the dirt of your garden or pot plant. Keep them there, and focus on your breathing, the sound of your breath going in and out, or my personal favorite is to listen to my ears. Yes! You may hear a ringing that as you focus, changes pitch and definition. Do this until your mind goes quiet, concentrate on listening to the silence behind the chatter. Imagine that your mind is the sky and your thoughts are the clouds that cross it. Visualize the clouds rolling away, see the sky clear, look to where the horizon meets the earth and see yourself as being in this space: You are free, grounded, happy and connected to Source.

Be in a rain storm. Sit in the dirt, run, hug a tree as the rain runs over your skin. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the goose bumps running over your skin. Feel the charge in the air. Wait until you start to get cold. Then go run a very warm bath, adding a handful of Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender and rose essential oil to the water. The changes between extremities of temperature helps focus on physical experience, which will help bring you back into body. Why not enjoy a warm cup of your favorite beverage too?

Eat something spicy such as jalapenos or Thai food. Spicy foods increase your metabolic rate, bringing the focus back into the body.

When you feel heavy- down in the dumps, too earthed out, weighed down:

Pick a spot of clutter in your home that needs clearing, for example your pantry, your wardrobe, a corner of the office, the bathroom cabinet, a section of the garage, and purge! Give 10 minutes minimum to this spot. Make three piles: keep, throw, and unsure. Look at the unsure box after your purge, and purge this again in the same way! The process of physical decluttering is symbolic for spiritual cleansing, thus making space for a clear channel to reconnect. For example, if you are having relationship troubles, go to this area within your home as defined by feng-shui and declutter the drawer, the photo album, whatever it is you have in that space that needs purging. This is good for the spirits too!

Lay in the morning (7am- 9am) or afternoon (3pm-5pm) sun for 20 minutes, with as much skin as possible- naked is best! No sunscreen, no hat, close your eyes and soak up some rays.

Put on some upbeat music and dance around naked!

Scrub down your shower! Use a natural cleaner or make your own mix of half a lemon which you dip in bicarbonate soda. The uplifting smell of lemon and the physical workout will help you break through the heaviness surrounding you. Additionally, the bathroom is where we cleanse ourselves; this is also a metaphor for spiritual and emotional cleansing.

The most important thing to remember is to focus, concentrate on being aware of the sensations these experiences bring in the here and now. Remember to seriously have fun! :)

KristyV Psychic

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Jun 06, 2014
great ideas!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for your great ideas on coming back down to earth and also on lifting up from too much heaviness. I'm now aware of swinging b/t those extremes, so that's helpful. And thanks for encouraging playfulness, too.

Dec 27, 2009
Great insight!
by: Anonymous

Great insight! Thanks.

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