Pregnant and killed

by Cylinda s kirkbride
(Zanesville ohio united states)

In my first dream I went in the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. It was positive and I went back to sleep happy. But I felt like I couldn’t breath I looked up and was awake and there was like eight hands all around my belly like it was dark and I felt they were coming for my baby. And then I was being held down I couldn’t barley breathe I woke up in sweats.

Then I’ve had dreams of someone knocking several times and it woke me.

This last one was a lawyer woman came to my home with some professional men and was trying to kill me I jumped out the window ran through someone’s home hid I couldn’t call the cops and I just hid because the men were asking if I was there. The owners didn’t even know I was there then I was on a semi that had a lot of bikes and cars I stole one of the motorcycles to get away. Then i was doing stunts I was so determined to get away and then woke up.

I don’t ever have dreams do you know what these mean?

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Jan 04, 2016
by: Mrs. Starr

What you had was a visitation. I had one almost exactly like it before I became pregnant with my daughter. The hands are the Angels who come to bless you. Normally you don't see them but I have seen them several times in my life. That is why I am here. I was taken to a burnt out house with children running around, laughing and playing. One little blonde haired, green eyed girl ran up to me. She asked if I was her Mommy. I looked at the people I was with and they said if all the papers go through I would be pregnant with in the next two weeks. The little girl went back to her friends. I sat down and filled out papers and signed things. Don't remember what was on them just that I signed them. When I woke that morning I was crying. Not because I was sad but because I knew. Well within two weeks I became pregnant. And my daughter when she was five, looked just like the little girl in my dream. I hope this helps you in some way.

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