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If you've been looking at prophecies about your future, and in hindsight can reveal some startling accuracies and/or unsurprising inaccuracies, please post an update of a  prophecy here. Perhaps you know how to interpret the signs yourself. In that case you can put your prophecy in the news.

With some good reporting we can narrow our focus towards the best sources of prediction and drop aside those ‘unremarkable guess merchants’ that unfortunately pop up in haunts like ours.

Your updates can be from any type of prediction you want to write about. There are many sources of predictive arts for you to turn to. See my A to Z list of Psychic Abilities and Forms of Prophesy for some suggestions.

When you find an accurate prophecy from a professional, or a pure prediction from an amateur, come here and submit an update on your prediction.

Prophecy Update In The News

Reading predictions and prophecies is a great way to get some general ideas about different aspects of your future. You can find out a lot about your love life, finances, career options, health conditions and many other important topics as well. When you are well informed you can make well thought-out decisions in the future.

There are lots of important aspects of your future that can be predicted based on your connection to a good psychic, astrologer, tarot reader, crystal ball reader, or other type of seer. However, it’s important to mention that you shouldn't completely rely on prophecies for making every major decision in your life. By all means seek these ideas and predictions as often as you can, but treat your recommendations and predictions only as general guidelines and not like a hundred percent sure survey backed up by scientific evidence. This way you won’t ever be disappointed and you’ll be able to make your own decisions based on your own perception of your situation and the world.

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How about commenting on a Prophecy Update in the news? If you are posting your update based upon recent news on new or ancient prophecies please make sure you include some information that links back to the original news release.

What Is Your Prophecy Update?

Do you have a Prophecy Update? Or an interesting story about a prophecy in the news? Share it here!

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6 Months Prior To 911 
I am constantly bombarded by daily situations that include pictures, people, issues which, on average, have an impact 6 months into the future. One situation …

Adult Indigo Seer 
There has been so much hype about 2012 and people claiming to "know" when the end will be. But through my research, especially in the bible, the book of …

Australia Mineral Premonitions 
Recently, I have had some premonitions which have been correct. I went to a shop and I noted one of the assistants that I knew as an acquaintance, was …

Iceland Volcano Dream 
Three nights before the eruption of the Iceland volcano I had a dream of a volcano erupting. I didn’t sleep well that night and when I don’t I have …

Baton Rouge Prediction 
There is a man sitting in prison in Baton Rouge who did not kill the women that he was accused of killing. I dreamt for more than a month about this man …

Celebrity Predictions 2009 Part 2 
I'm am the Lady of Wisdom, the owner, founder/ professional, clairvoyant psychic(Christian Gifted Psychics).I saw some more information in visions (clairvoyantly),about …

Vancouver Earthquake Predicted  
In examining Vancouver, BC's chart, the squaring long opposition of Mars and Pluto to Vancouver's Jupiter in the latter part of February, especially the …

Yellowstone Erupting Not rated yet
This came to me last night. In the moment between being awake and sleep, meditation, i travelled to a land I’ve never been before. It was a beautiful …

Murderous Prophecy Not rated yet
My stepson lived with me. I had a murderous prophecy, a dream at 6am, one October morning, that my fifteen year old stepson was murdered on a street corner. …

2008 in 2000 Not rated yet
I had a precognitive dream in which I believed it was 2008 but it was only the year 2000. In what I call a dream I ended up experiencing years of events …

Princess Diana Premonition Not rated yet
I had developed a strange interest in Princess Diana; a kind of a concern. I watched the Panorama TV interview and announced out loud, "she is not going …

Celebrity Predictions 2009 Not rated yet
I have a few predictions for some major celebrities! Let me just point out. I don't read tabloids! Most of the times, it belies to make sales! I’m a gifted …

Sweet Prediction Not rated yet
My first psychic prediction was when I was in my friend's house. Her mom Anne decided to test me to see if was psychic or not so she got a bag of sugar …

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