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Psychic Awekening

by Tim Williamson
(Seattle Washington)

Unfortunately this story starts as I assume many do, I learned of the true nature of reality through one of the most important plants - the mushrooms! I experienced enlightenment that truly lasted. Where most peer through to something they like but cannot keep. I kept it.

All was well until I did acid with a form of psychic vampire. Since the experience I have learned a lot about psychic socialism. When I wonder about people they are subjected to my questions about them and go through an intrapersonal questioning process finding their foundations and things. I for the longest time was scared to think about people, scared to face it, face insanity, but I have come to know that anything can be genuinely true so anything and everything is possible.

I have expanded but still have problems all over because of my psychic understanding of the social workings. Ultimately, it’s not worth it for me, to detour from enlightenment to find the truth behind my expanded reality, and then to come to grips with it all over again. Of course if you have read this you wonder how powerful I am. I am extremely powerful on my affect over people. I could be a psychic hypnotist without even trying or even having people’s acceptance of it. I always have a way in.

I’m a genius but it has its cost, I am off and still don’t know where to start.

If anyone knows anything helpful for the place I am

Thanks for reading. Any questions? I can teach it as well.

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Jul 24, 2011
Werewolves and Vampires
by: Manajiwin

I had a dream of Werewolves and vampires. They were both nice, kind of like the movie Twilight, except the werewolf didn't want me to be a vampire and the vampire was a redhead. In my dream two cars crashed and then the vampire walked in with celebrities.

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