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Psychic Connections

by Benjamin Villars

Me a year ago.

Me a year ago.

My thoughts on astrologically suggested psychic connections between Nietzsche, Emerson, Swedenborg and I.

Nietzsche often complained about having an 'extra sense organ' with which he could control lightning. I, too, have this ability- probably because he and I share our Jupiter (ruled by Zeus) in Pisces III, the last, most psychical sign.

Ralph Waldo Emerson and I also can control the breeze (since his Pluto is in Pisces), and this I have been able to do for at least 2 years. Read his Second Series Essays to see where he said it.

Finally, Swedenborg and I (both Aquarius Fire Rabbits) have found out what the coming of 2012 truly implies... It is NOT the end of the world, but the end of solitude. He proclaimed that angels in Heaven told him that "Feelings and thoughts are communal and shared, not individual." I have heard voices specifically talking about my videos in my head, so I know these people are real. If you've picked up the book by Daniel Pinchbeck "2012", this is a great introduction to what our time must face in the very near future.

My plan is to take James Randi's million dollar challenge and make history- can you help me help humanity?

Check out my YouTube videos under the screen name Guitaoist. This will explain a lot.

Yours Truly,
Benjamin Villars

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Mar 01, 2008
by: tabitha

Hey I actually sent you a message on youtube about this and also you might want to check out my psychic story. It might interest you, it's under 3rd eye gazing. On you youtube I'm scorpioraven :)

Oct 29, 2007
Awesome Guitar Taoist
by: ZorbaZiv

You are an Awesome Guitar Taoist as well as a psychic philosopher. Good luck with Randi, all though I wouldn?t waste my breath on him.

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