Psychic Romance Reading With Psychic Andrew The Romance Psychic

by Tami Lyndon
(New York)

I was searching for a Psychic who could read around my current relationship and tell me what the heck was going on with my guy. I actually found him from another review on this site I think. It was a very interesting review, so I called the man known as The Romance Psychic. His name is actually Andrew or PsychicAndrew. He is a male Psychic and I was a little hesitant at the time but something just drew me to him and the review was pretty good also. So I called him.

I cannot say enough about this amazing man, First of all Psychic Andrew hit everything perfectly, he wasted no time at all, he asked me the name of my boyfriend and before I could say another word he started telling me exactly what the problem I had called about was, he told me exactly what Kevin my boyfriend was about even down to small details like the fact that he smokes and I hate it. This Psychic my fellow readers, is for real.

I have had many Psychic readings; I guess you could call me a Psychic Junkie lol. I had heard many things about my relationship from other Psychics but nothing like the way Andrew reads. I sit here 3 days later with my boyfriend asleep in my bed. We are so happy. When I called Andrew I thought I would never see him again.

Andrew is very different from any other Psychic even the ones who specialize in Psychic romance and relationship readings. He was so straight forward and accurate he made me jump up from my chair at times. What I like the most about his Psychic readings is that he does more than just tell you the future, he tells you how the other person is feeling, tells you what the real problem is and advises you what to do to fix the problem. More than even just advice he has developed his own brand of teaching that shows me how to use my own gifts to make my relationship work.

I’m not the type of person who is fooled, and I most certainly am not out of my mind but, I was so amazed with how well his reading and advice helped fix things almost overnight I had to spread the word. He reads on keen and I want to give out his homepage, which is

I will never call another psychic again and anyone who reads this, if you don’t call Psychic Andrew then you’re missing out on everything he has to offer. I can’t thank him enough, I will call him frequently, he is more than just my psychic he is my lifeline now.
He even answered all the emails I sent him and never charges. He calls his clients his family of clients and I see why. I feel like part of his family. He really cares about his clients. He is amazing. They call him THE ROMANCE PSYCHIC, and it fit's him to a T!

Tami L

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Nov 13, 2015
Psychic Andrew Is Amazing
by: Brenda Hutchins

I found this amazing psychic here on psychic junkie. I was so tired ooh earing from psychics that this would come true and that would come true. I may as well be reading fortune cookies. Then I read an article, actually a few here on psychic junkie about psychic Andrew. he goes by the name The Romance Psychic and he is that indeed. Rather than give me some story he told me with just a name what the man I was seeing was thinking and feeling about our relationship. Andrew told me why things had slowed down, why my guy was backing away and was so on point with his reading that I took hiss advice and change a few things I was doing wrong. He has great abilities, but even more he has this male point of view, he not only reads your man but tells you what he is thinking in a way a women can understand. Thanks to Andrew my relationship is blooming like never before and if it were not for this amazing psychic I would have broken things off with my guy. I am writing this so that everyone knows that Andrew is the best. Psychic Andrew, yes he goes by a name I thought at first was a bit hokey but they call him "The Romance Psychic" aptly so.

Find him on Keen by searching the name: PsychicAndrew

I own him everything and I thought this would be kind of payback for everything he has helped me with. Not just my relationship but my job and just about anything I need help with. He is the only psychic I ever call and I used to call many, too many actually. Give him a try you will be glad you did, and thank you psychic junkie for leading me to him.

Jan 14, 2015
Psychic Andrew Is The Best Psychic
by: Karen Hughes

I just had a reading with Psychic Andrew, absolutely amazing. I just finished and decided to look for him on google and psychic junkie came up and I saw that I was not the only person that had felt this way. It makes me feel really good to know that the feelings I have after my reading with him are shared by so many others. Psychic Andrew was on point, so accurate, hardly asked me for any info and just knew my story and problem. He answered all my questions very honestly as his advertisement said, but with a very nice compassionate feel to it. He hit everything on the money even my mans name. This psychic is the best psychic ever and him being a male psychic with and I will quote him " His unique male psychic perspective" really did make all the difference. If you have not tried him you should. I wasted so much money on other psychics and I am telling it like it is now I wont use anyone but him again. I feel like everyone else here. He is on keen or the way I found him at So helpful I now understand my man and I can fix a few things and get this relationship back on track. He really helped me understand the simple things I was missing.

Aug 20, 2014
by: Tammy

Andrew, wow your amazing, I really would like to get to talk with u or email, I have some problems aswell, I need your help please, thank you!!!

Apr 09, 2013
wondering if Andrew will respond to my question from 4/8
by: Anonymous

Hi. I am trying to find out if Andrew can answer a free question on his comment section.
I know he is popular and very busy!

I am having trouble getting the comment section
to appear today

Oct 06, 2012
He really Is The Romance Psychic
by: Robin R

I found this amazing psychic by reading about him here on psychic junkie. I had never called a male psychic before but after reading the post I found here I gave him a try. Psychic in general well, they ask more questions then they answer usually but this psychic, psychicandrew just ask me the name of the person I wanted to know about and then preceded to tell me about everything. He as a psychic jumped into his head and mine and told me about what had happened over the last two years up to just about an hour before I called. My boyfriend had run out of the house on me and the amazing man picked up on this. I was shocked at how perfect and picked up psychically on everything. Now if that was not goos enough he then told me how Jeff My boyfriend was feeling, told me what he was thinking about our relationship and asked me didn't waste my time he asked me first if I wanted advice. Yes I wanted advice and from a man for sure. He told me that my man was scared, that he felt I was pushing him too quickly and that he had a problem still with his last ex. he told me to just take it slow and I will always remember his words. Psychic Andrew told me to just enjoy the moments I was with him and things would get better. Well they did. I am very happy now, I was engaged three weeks ago and I have to say that I love this man and I love psychic Andrew for helping me put things back together and get to where I am now. When you read psychic Andrew's reviews you are automatically drawn to him. His other clients say nothing but great things. he had 170 5 star reviews and only 1 one star review in 90 days and the people he speaks with, like myself call him all the time. I call psychic Andrew every week for at least a ffew minutes, he sends me emails, free minutes, and helps me get through my life. He is amazing. I am a regular here at psychic junkie so I thought I would take a moment and thank you guys for steering me to this amazing psychic. If you need help with your relationship or anything else answered, call psychicandrew he really is great, and he really is Romance Psychic. You can find him from his main page he Will even give you free minutes. He is my savor

Jun 15, 2012
You Wre Right
by: Maggie Lynn

Well I saw the reviews on Psychicandrew here and on is siite, they are amazing btw, I gave him a call through keen and I was as amazed. I was a bit worried that the reviews here were maybe too good to be true but they were spot on.

This genuine psychic answered all my questions without delay, no wasting time here. He tuned into my situation without me having to spill the beens as many others try to get you to basically tell you everything before they say a word, but Andrew just asked what he could help me with, asked the name of the person I wanted to know about, and asked me what my questions were.

I tested him a bit with some questions I already knew the answers to and he hit the nails on the head. He gave me solid answers, predictions only when he saw them clearly, when I asked a question he was not able to answer with what he called 100% accuracy he just told me straight out he did not see it clearly, but that was only one question and to be honest It was a long term question that will probably change many times.

He then asked me if I would like some advice which he gave me only after I said yes, I used the advice directly after getting off the phone with him and it worked right away.
I called him about a relationship I was in and he knew immediately that we had had an argument and had not had contact in a while, he told me that if I would "Crack The Door" by sending my guy a text he would answer and communication would start again, and it did.

Things are back on track now and I am going to make sure to keep Andrew updated on my relationship so he can help me keep it going in the right direction.

I loved the fact that he sent me an email right after our call. He followed up on some questions I asked with more detail, he sent me another email afterward with 5 free minutes as he promised in his promotion, and what I loved about him was that he told me I could email him anytime with any questions and without charging me.

He calls the people that he reads for his family of clients and he made me feel just that, like his family. He was extremely honest, but with so much compassion and understanding. He is a male psychic and I wanted to see if a male reader could give me better understanding and insight into my situation and why things were the way they were and he did that perfectly. For anyone reading this I can only say that if you are going to call a psychic about your relationship then do not even bother calling anyone else than Andrew.

I found him through this site and he reads on keen. I want to thank the above people for recommending him to me, I think he will be my go to guy for a very long time.

May 24, 2012
He is truly gifted
by: Anonymous

I also saw him here. I was surprised that a man could read a man so much better than a women but he did. Not only that but psychicandrew is amazingly accurate, told me details that no other psychic told me. he did not even ask me much just the name of the person and the questions I had. he hit them on the head perfectly, then he asked me if I wanted advice. I said yes. he told me that if I wanted this man back that I had to make a few changes but the outcome would be the same. we were broken up at the time, but he did give me a lesson he calls it Spiritual focus lesson and I used it for three days and my guy called me. It was exactly as Andrew told me to focus on. He not only gives great answers and predictions but he helps fix the the problems. I wasted so much money on other psychics who just blew smoke, this man I recommend. He reads on keen. Truly amazing I recommend so highly.

Oct 29, 2011
psychicAndrew The Romance Psychic
by: Anonymous

I just saw your ad or whatever on here from another person that recommended psychic Andrew as the psychic who does the best psychic romance readings. They were so right. He really is the best psychic around. he did not waste my time and he was so accurate. Not only did he give me advice but he gave me solutions to help my romantic love situation. I also want to say that as far as psychic readings goo I have had no better and I am a psychic junkie. You can get him on Just search psychicandrew.

Thats for the recommend I will be using him many more times

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