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How to avoid Psychic Scams

There exist several measures that you can adopt to avoid psychic scams. Some are as follows:

Identify a psychic scam’s warning signs

  • A psychic can attempt to persuade you about his genuineness while informing you something that relate to you. So, it is necessary to think whether he is actually telling something ambiguous or general which might be correct for everyone.
  • Do not disremember that scams frequently try to tell something pertaining to you, which you earlier mentioned or they collect such information from different sources in order to satisfy you about their professionalism. You need to google your name to check the already existing information about you.
  • Usually, they offer personalized readings for “free” in lieu of your personal information. Thereafter, you are requested to pay.
  • Psychic may intimate that you have been jinxed or cursed. Hence, you need to pay him money to conduct some comprehensive reading for releasing the jinx.
  • Sometime, you unexpectedly receive a letter or an email from someone, who claims as a clairvoyant or psychic.
  • They offer a good luck charisma, secret to massive wealth, numbers to win lottery or magic potions. While offering so, they ask for payment of some administration charges to get your charisma, lottery numbers or potion. 

Here's a video with some more tips on avoiding psychic scams:

Before purchasing, do some research of your own

  • You should google about a psychic prior to do your purchase, focusing on terms like psychic’s name or company, complaint, scam, or review etc. In case, other people have already been scammed or have had bad experience in this regard, you would have batter idea about such happenings.
  • It is imperative for you to carefully read the terms and conditions. Further, you need to see whether your credit care would be charged regularly or some hidden conditions are linked with the purchase you  are going to make.

Take help from common sense.

  • Apart from precautionary measures, if it seems true then it would be most likely to be genuine.

Safeguard your precious personal information.

  • You need to utilize secure payment processors and websites. Do not send payment or give online account information or credit card to someone you do not trust or know. Moreover, avoid contacting such telephone numbers that you find in your spam email and do not respond this type of emails.
Psychic Scam

What to do when you get victimized in a psychic scam. The following steps would help you to minimize your damages:

  • Request the provider to refund your payment.
  • Immediately contact the credit union or your bank to report about the scam.
  • Explore the opportunity to get your money back from the company, which took your money such as a bank or PayPal etc. as they have dynamic buyer safety schemes that could be helpful.
  • Contact your local authorities to report the scam.
  • Launch a complaint through internet as well as tell others.

What are the most important questions you should ask in a psychic reading session?

You can ask diverse things from a psychic about your life including relationships, love, work, success, money, wellbeing and health etc. Nevertheless, the most vital aspect is to avoid major questions. You would not like that a psychic takes your desires and intimate what you wish to listen. It would only cause delay in preventing you to get what you actually wish (clarity). Rather, you expect from your psychic to answer those questions that you want indeed. Your psychic should professional enough to lead you to a direct way towards your success in such life part that you are undergoing problems currently.

Some of your questions should be open ended, instead of mere ‘yes’ and ‘no’ kind of questions. Inquire about the topic or life area in which you are more interested.

Questions for avoiding a Psychic Scam

Here are some examples of good open-ended questions that you may like to ask your psychic:

  • I wish to see my future generally.
  • Are there any primary changes in the life and in what part?
  • What about my love life?
  • What about my health?
  • What about my career?