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Are You Seeing Writing On The Walls?

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Your stories about seeing writing on the walls when waking in the night has become one of the most popular threads in my Psychic Articles and Guest Posts. 

So, I have now expanded this section of the site so that you can post your own account, as an article of your own, or continue to comment on the posts already published below.

I must thank Lisa in Alabama for submitting the very first post on this subject in 2008. With now over ten years of contributions from peeps all over the world it becomes clear that there are several common threads to the mysterious phenomenon of seeing writing on the walls.

Are You Seeing Writing On The Walls?

The experience of seeing writing on the walls seems to have the following characteristics.

  • There is no specific age range as young and old have reported these same visions.

  • You are in bed sleeping and wake fully or partially to notice the appearance.

  • The words are most often written in a strange language that you do not understand.

  • Some wake up to seeing colorful writing on the wall.

  • Some see the writing in pictograms that do not make any sense.

  • Others see this as Mayan style glyphs on the ceiling.

  • There are also reports of seeing green matrix style light with computerized numbers.

  • Those of you who have this experience also have other psychic episodes from time to time.

  • You may have had this happen multiple times over the years.

  • Many have the experience of an invisible force holding you down in the bed during the episode.

  • It can be a fearful experience for some at the time, but no harm happens.

  • It can be a fun and interesting experience, especially after several events and the initial fear subsides. 

  • You are not able to make this happen at will.

  • Most common seems to be illuminated green writing on the walls.

  • Some see red and black swirling words.

  • Others mention also seeing floating white orbs or light.

  • You feel relieved when you realize so many others are having similar experiences. 

  • Some have mentioned their blood type is RH negative. 

  • We would all love to know more about this if anyone finds any new information.

Deciphering the writing on the walls

The meaning of seeing writing on the walls is an ongoing mystery. One school of thought is that this is hypnagogic hallucination. (imagined sensations that seem very real)

Hypnagogic hallucinations have fascinated scientists, writers, and philosophers for many centuries. Research about their causes and link to dreams is ongoing. 

I include Wikipedia a list of languages that may help you decipher the writing you are seeing on the walls.

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I'm Seeing Writing On The Walls Too!- by Shana (Sartell MN USA)

I had been seeing writing on the walls a few times before, usually it’s related to my cerebral pressure being up and I usually recognize the words as something I read earlier in the evening. However tonight I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep and symbols started to appear on the wall. Now I did fall earlier in the night but did not hit my head and I was feeling in a fog all day earlier today for some weird reason.  The closest description I can think of what I saw tonight was similar to the Hebrew alphabet and it had a gold tint to it as it appeared on the wall. I do have RH negative blood and it always seems to happen when I am almost ready to fall asleep. I have had experiences with the paranormal over the years and recently even knew at late in the evening instantly where my husband was when he did not come home from work and had gotten in trouble. Where he was just literally popped in my head at 3 am while I was cleaning the kitchen since I was worried about him. 

Seeing Mayan Writing - by Louise (Inland Empire CA)

I wake up at least 3 times a month and look at the wall through the doorway of our room in front of me and see Mayan type of writings or actual Mayan paintings.  Sometimes the pictures seem to be in motion. I do have 2 pictures of Mayan warriors in the house but down stairs. Also I see outlines of men and women in green and plaid shirts or gowns. They are transparent. They just stand there outside the door never come in the door. It really bothers me that I can't explain what is going on.

Help Me Understand - by Nikki (Atlanta GA)

I had a vision, I saw colorful writings on the wall. I could not make out what the writings were saying, but I know it was writing this from many people. I was not asleep, I was sleepy, watching TV. I have had other experiences, but not while I was awake. Mostly when I’m waking up from dreaming or during a drain cycle.

Apparition On Walls

Apparition On Walls

I awoke early and as I got out of my bed I looked up to see where I was going, I saw an apparition on walls and ceilings of multiple sized boxes with roundish corners, each having a mysterious symbol in them. I guess I too am seeing writing on the walls.

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I See Writings On The Walls

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