How This Psychic Couple Combined Their Talents

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Not everyone can work well as a psychic couple. Anyone who is a metaphysical practitioner has come across other practitioners who have a problem with other practitioners who feel they must prove that they are more accurate than you. It's sad, but very true. It's also unnecessary.

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As a result, I have only a few practitioners in my inner circle who are able to shed their egos when using their psychic powers. However, the most significant person in that circle is my partner, John Scarano. We have been together for over 23 years and have never quarreled over who is more accurate or more talented in our professions. Instead we combine our talents in many instances and work as a psychic couple.

The Psychic Couple That Combine Their Talents

This works because I do what John does not do and he does what I do not do. I am clairvoyant (one who "sees"). a medium (one who contacts the spirit of those who have passed on) and a psychometrist (one who picks up vibrations from objects held in the hand or touched).

John, in contrast to me, is an empath (one who "feels" people emotionally), a clairaudient (one who "hears"), a clairsentient Tarot reader (one who "senses"), a Master Numerologist and a Natal Astrologer.

Within 2 months of meeting one another I was called out to investigate a missing child in Moline, Illinois. Outside of my usual work for my reading clients I work homicide and missing person cases for free if law enforcement is involved. I asked John if he wanted to go with me to work the case and he agreed immediately to go.

Before we left I used my power of Psychometry to tune into the missing child by holding a photo of her pressed between my hands. As a result, I received several visions from my Spirit Guides that proved to be very prophetic once we arrived in Moline. I wasn't sure how to interpret some of the visions, but John, using his powers of clairsentience was able to help me make sense out of them. As a result we were led on a journey through the town and amazingly each vision was a guidepost!

John and I were able to piece together the girl's last moments in life. Unfortunately, I was able to determine that her body was disposed in a manner that made it impossible to retrieve. Her murderer, whom I was able to identify, has been able to avoid arrest as a result. Not all of the cases that I work on come to a positive resolution. We still have hope that somehow this case can be solved.

This one case forged John and I as a Psychic Team. We continue to work and teach together to this very day.

So, don't let your ego prevent you from working with other psychics. You need to remember that we were given our psychic gifts to help people. It doesn't make any difference in regards to who is the best psychic.

Psychic Couple - John Scarano and Cheri Mancuso

Psychic Couple - John Scarano and Cheri Mancuso

John Scarano and Cheri Mancuso have worked together as a psychic couple for over 23 years.

Based in Sherman Oaks, California, Cheri reads for her regular, business and celebrity clientele. As a psychic detective she accepts police cases of finding missing persons. John, is a Psychic Tarot reader, a Master Numerologist, and a Natal Astrologer.

To learn more about John and Cheri you can visit their websites at and (sites cannot be linked while not secured by https)

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