This Psychic Survey Is Quick, Easy And Helps Improve The Website

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Taking this psychic survey is quick and easy.  Importantly your influence really helps me improve the website. Just ten questions and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. I really do value your opinion and appreciate your participation. Thank you. (Ian)

2022 Psychic Survey

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Leaderboards Of Psychic Survey Results To Date

 (Updated August 19th 2022)

The number of times have you sought free psychic advice:

  • [5- 10 times] [2-4 times] [Never] [More than 10 times] [Once] 

The number of times have you sought paid psychic advice:

  • [2-4 times] [Never] [5- 10 times] [Once] [More than 10 times] 

While there are some who use free and paid readings equally, I find it interesting to note the following. The very clear majority of people who have paid readings never use free readings. And the majority of people who use free psychic reading services never use paid readings. 

What you most like about psychics:

  • [Accuracy / Verification] [Honesty / Integrity / Natural] [Insight / Guidance] [Knowing] [Connection To Loved Ones] Loving / Compassion]

What ability you most like your psychic to use:

  • [General Psychic Reading] [Clairvoyance] [Tarot] [Mediumship] [Intuition] [Channeling] [Truth] [Time Frames] [Healing / Numerology / Crystal Ball / Astrology / Knowing / Clairaudience / Precognition / Compassion]

What bothers you most about seeking psychic advice:

  • [Scammers / Frauds / Liars / Fakes ] [Vagueness / Time Wasters] [Nothing Bothers Me] [Trust] [Pleasers] [Affordability] [Facing The Truth] [Being Judged] [Embarrassment] [Repetition] 

Some common psychic survey comments received on the scammers are: “It's a bit like playing the lottery at times. It's hard to know if you get a good psychic until sometimes months later when you see if what they predicted came true or not”. “Believing they are right when they turn out to be wrong”. “Trying to find a real genuine one”. ‘There are some fakes who send free emails that just ask for more money”. “Some are actually faking and don't care about their clientele”. “I am Psychic myself and can usually see the BS pretty fast. It is not acceptable”. “They say they want to help me or warn me of something they have seen but first I have to pay them”. 

See my tips on how to avoid the scammers here [How To Avoid The Online Psychic Scams And Find The Really Gifted]

If you are planning to ask a psychic within the next few months:

  • [Yes] [No] Although the yeses are in the lead this one is pretty close to even.

If you were to ask a psychic now, you would most want to know about:

  • [Love and Relationships] [Life Path] [Future] [Messages From Loved Ones] [Business / Career] [Health] [Finances] [Family] [Fertility] [Fidelity] [Psychic Development Mentoring]

The two stand out leaders in this section are Love & Relationships and Life Path

The psychic ability you would most like to develop for yourself:

  • [Intuition] [Mediumship] [Clairvoyance / Third Eye Visions] [Healing] [None] [Tarot Interpretation] [Empath / Energy] [Meditation / Channeling / Precognition / Angel Card Reading / Past Life / Numerology / Seeing Auras / Psychic Dreaming / Telepathy / Psychometry / Psychography]

With Intuition being a standout leader as the most desired form of psychic development I’d recommend you visit this page: [How To Improve Your Intuition]

The Top Ten Countries Represented In This Psychic Survey Are:

  • [USA] [UK] [Ireland] [Australia] [Canada] [Sweden] [Denmark] [NZ] [Singapore] [SA]

The Horoscope Survey Results

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