Horoscope Survey: The Top 7 Results On Reading Your Forecasts

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Horoscope survey research shows that about a quarter of the population believe in Astrology, 90% of us know our zodiac sign and half of us feel we are a good fit with our sign's traits. But how many read a daily horoscope and why? 

A Gallup UK Poll revealed some interesting stats in their 2005 Paranormal Beliefs Survey. About a quarter of those in each country polled believe in astrology, or the belief that the position of the stars and planets can affect people's lives. (USA 25%, Canada 25% & Great Britain 24%)


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Why do we read horoscopes?

The reading of horoscopes in the astrology columns of most mainline newspapers and glossy magazines may be dwindling. But, the reading of online horoscope forecasts is steadily growing in popularity. Horoscope forecasts are generally well accepted within society.

According to most Horoscope Surveys, the reasons we read horoscopes is because seeing the forecasts can offer escape from daily anxieties. The three main reasons for looking to the stars are: 1) for guidance, 2) for entertainment, and 3) just plain habit.

But in my Psychic Junkie Website Horoscope Survey I asked "Why do you like to read a daily horoscope?" And I got some very different answers!  The the top 7 are: 1) Looking for love. 2) Looking for luck. 3) Curiosity when bored. 4) To prove it’s real or fake. 5) For entertainment. 6) For career predictions, 7) Studying astrology.

Psychic Junkie Horoscope Survey with Results

The Psychic Junkie Horoscope Survey Results

#1 Horoscope Survey Result

Mary reads her daily horoscope while looking for love

Mary says “I want to read my daily horoscope while looking for love

Many people read Horoscopes just to know when their love life will take off. The really sad thing about it is that people use horoscopes to try to figure out when they are getting married. Unfortunately, I don’t think it can tell us that. To go deeper into astrology you will want to get someone to interpret your birth chart. All-in-all, love horoscopes have been the most popular category for many single people like me who are interested to finding their true love. While plenty of people think that you should take their horoscope with a grain of salt, I for one, am happy to read mine on a day to day basis. But I also like to use a good astrologer to tell me specific things like when will I meet that special someone?

#2 Horoscope Survey Result

Isabella looks for luck

Isabella says, “I just want to know when I'm going to be lucky”.

Usually with horoscopes, there are times when a few lucky numbers may be provided that could benefit your day. They don't necessarily have to be lottery numbers though a lot of people tend to confuse them as such. I like to play lottery numbers when I read my horoscopes for luck most days, and I even won $300 playing on a predicted lucky day. Skeptics will argue there's a 1% chance that they could win but I’m hopeful for a big win. Did you read the Psychic Wins Lottery News Headlines?  I like to read between the lines of the Cainer Daily Horoscopes and come up with my own lottery numbers. Many horoscopes may say that you'll have an unlucky day when in fact you probably have had the best luck in such a long time... and vice-versa. Unless they are written by one of the best astrologers in the world, then it would be best to keep it in mind, but not let it affect your entire day.

#3 Horoscope Survey Result

Megumi reads a horoscope when bored

Megumi says, "I’m curious to read my daily horoscope when I’m bored".

Some of my friends think I have nothing else to do but read my horoscope. Although that’s not quite true, I do find it an escape when I’m waiting for a bus or train. I’m often caught with my head in the horoscopes in my coffee breaks too. Some horoscopes are a bit short, but I’m into the ones that can be read within a few minutes. So if you get really bored like me and have nothing to do, try going to your favorite search engine and pick out a lot of sites and read your horoscopes and compare to see if they're similar. Some sites may contradict one another and that's usually when you'll have to investigate on who's legitimate vs. who's just writing something random for the sake of it.

#4 Horoscope Survey Result

Brian wants proof.

"I read my daily horoscope randomly to prove it’s real or fake" - says Brian. 

My work mates always have debates on whether the free horoscopes are real or fake. I will go and read my horoscopes randomly for a month just to convince them how it doesn't even relate to me. Of course, it'll be an ongoing argument, but it's fun to see the astrology junkies in the office try to debunk how their horoscopes really relate to their lives completely. My boss will go the full mile and try to convince them on how astrology itself is fake and how it's used to scheme people and make them fall for scams. But I've been really amazed by some horoscopes too. No matter how randomly I check my star sign forecasts, they are often on the ball. It’s spooky if you ask me, but I’m still a skeptic at heart. 

#5 Horoscope Survey Result

Matilda reads her horoscope for entertainment.

“I simply want to read my daily horoscope for entertainment” says Matilda

I love to be entertained and I can often use a good laugh within my day. Horoscopes can provide that wonderful benefit, especially when it's dead wrong about your current issue. They can be great for parties and just trying to figure out if the person's horoscope has been on point with them lately or not. I find that the usual newspaper horoscopes are 84% wrong, though every once in a while they can be correct. Either way, if you need a good laugh, just read your horoscope within a magazine or the newspaper. The funny thing about them is that they can be good one day, and predict you'll have a horrible day the next. Either way, just shrug it off and continue with your day. But when I want real and accurate advice I turn to a professional astrology reader.

#6 Horoscope Survey Result

Matthew looks for career predictions

Matthew says "I reads my daily horoscope for career predictions".

I feel that career horoscopes are fast becoming popular just like love horoscopes (my friends use those more than me). The main reason is that the recession has taken almost everyone out of work where I live. Here in the United States we have hit record after record over the recent years with unemployment drops. People around me are not only out of work, but are also losing their cars, homes, etc. I’m looking for a change of work, even though I’m lucky to have a job. It can be nice to read up on the career factor of my horoscope just to tell if I will have a good day in which I can apply for a better job. I sometimes find there are days noted in which it's bad for me to apply just because of the alignment of planets and the transits, so I wait. I’ve already found two great career moves in the last 5 years with the insight of the Horoscopes, now I’m ready for the next. I’m watching for the stars and my opportunities to come into alignment again. 

#7 Horoscope Survey Result

Tamara studies astrology and horoscopes

"I’m Studying Astrology, so to help me sharpen my skills on the zodiacs I read  horoscopes every day" - says Tamara 

I have a huge interest in astrology, (yes you can call me an Astrology Junkie) so reading horoscopes helps me get accustomed to the everyday lives of people within the twelve star signs. Part of becoming an astrologer is to read up on horoscopes and get a basis on the personality traits of each zodiac sign. It can help me sharpen my skills on the zodiacs and I learn more about who's the most emotional, the most stubborn, etc. I also read horoscopes for my own personal guidance. We all go through obstacles within our lives. Guidance is another factor in why many of us read our horoscopes daily. It often gives me the motivation during the day to do something despite of what difficulty may be happening to me at the time. We can all read our horoscopes in hopes that something about our lives will soon change. When I read mine I’m always looking for hidden answers about the romantic situations surrounding my close circle of friends. This especially happens when a couple I know of has just broken up. If the person who got dumped turns to me and asks about the horoscopes of the other person, I try to figure out why they did such a thing. I've also had some amazing insights from reports on the other person. I hope I have not gone into too much detail for your horoscope survey :-) I will soon be doing my own charts!

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